Hi I am David & I have Parkinsonsism

Hi - just saying hellobig grin

I was diagnosed over a year ago, and have been encouraged by my better half to join this forum -  thank you honeycool!

Thanks David

Hi David and welcome

Your better half is right - the forum is a fine place for people with parkinson's. Better halves are welcome too.

I hope you enjoy the forum

Elegant Fowl

Hi David

welcome to the forum  only been on here a short while myself but i have found it very helpful

Hi David,

              This is definitely the place to be if you need information, relaxation, entertainment or humour. I was encouraged by my wife and have not regretted it.


Greetings David

prepare yourself and your wife for change

I didn't nor did my ex



Welcome, David!

I think you'll be pleased with this forum.  It's a very active one and offers something for nearly everyone.  My own case of PD began 16 years ago, but I am one of the lucky people whose PD advances extremely slowly.  Therefore, with regular exercise and medications, I am still leading my normal life.  I begin most mornings with a hike or long walk with neighborhood friends.  I also visit a gym for workouts (geriatric style), play classical piano, attend meetings of a French conversation group, and try to keep active in general.

Again, welcome to the group!  I hope you'll be an active participant.


Hi david

im new as of this morning, it all looks very informative and sooooo many of us in the same boat, I never realised how many people it affects.



Hi Misty,

             Oh yes, so many and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I froze (icebergs, freezing?......well it is nearly winter) while helping my wife pack in Asda last night. I felt a fool and apologised. The lady on the cash desk said, 'don't worry my Mum suffers the same thing'.

Some people win the lottery, some become famous, some are artistic, some have extraordinary talent, some get Parkinson's. I have written to the powers that be and told them I am in the wrong section. Mind you, you meet a better class of person in our club.


Hi Everyone

You are all right - strength in numbers is the thing. 

hello david i had parkinsons for 8 years and im only 42yrs and i find the forum helpfull! hope you do.

Well I've taken the leap and just pledged to raise 1 mill however long it takes. This has been tough for me to even mention but I hope to achieve this whilst I have the energy and drive etc and I will :)


well done (DELL BOY) sorry could not help myself! that will be great misty

Hi Misty


Count me in - how can I help?  This disease has to be beaten


I also need some help please. If you take Sinemet can you let me know what, if any, side effects do you have.

Hi Angela

i take Sinemet plus , i started on it in November  i was fine on 62.5mg when i went up to 125mg  three times daily the nausea and vomiting hit me , i have tried various anti sickness  tablets , domperidone did nothing for me then my gp put me on cyclizine   it cured the nausea but i was so drowsy all the time and they made my parkinsons symptoms worse in desperation i phoned my neuro who advised i go on Ondansetron started them today so hopefully they work , i tried cutting my Sinemet down from 125mg to 62.5 mg but my symptoms were not so well controlled , im hoping the Ondansetron work  , everyone is different Angela my mother  has parkinsons as well she takes  sinemet and has no problems  with them .


Hello David and all the other new members that I haven't chatted to. I know that you will all find the forum very informative and supportive. I was dx 12 years ago and since joining the forum I have learned so much about pd. My neuro told me nothing and I didn't have a pd nurse until 2009.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions as there is always somebody that can give you an answer of sorts.

Take care everybody


hello angela. i have had pd for 8yrs ,6  of them on sinemet i never had  no problems only when i got to a very high dosage ,then i developed very bad dyskinesia..but i will say they are one of the best pd meds out there.