Hi. I am new to the forum. Been reading lots of your posts before I plucked up the courage to join


I was diagnosed Dec 10th last year. But I was pretty sure I had Pd months before then but doctors didn't agree. Insisted on chucking anti depressants at me. In a strange way i was a relief to give a name to my problems  and have someone believe me. I am taking. co_cardelopa which seems to be  helping, tho it took about six weeks to make any difference. I am really concerned about losing my driving licence as I feel my driving is absolutely fine. Want to hold on to my independence as long as possible..trying really hard to stay positive, hope you forum people will help me xx goodnight for now xxx Rosie



Hi Rosie and welcome to the forum.

Glad the medication is helping.





Hi benji

Thanks for your welcome xx


Good morning RosieCrunch and welcome, with regards to licence I have a 3 year one and have just been ok'd for fourth time. Though nothing is certain it should be a bit before potential issues. Trying to be positive is important. Not always easy as everyone on here will have moments. The meds do the work but a positive view will give a bit of motivation to get on with life as much as you can.

I'm not so strong on the advice front but there is so much support and friendly people to offer help and support you won't go wrong here as I have found so valuable after just a few weeks. There are PWP at all stages here so you should find all help and answers from forum and site

Best wishes 



I think you should sell your username to Nestle or Cadburys sounds like a yummy choccy bar, love it.  welcome try not to worry too much about driving, and live life as happy and positive as you can, it does help having a sunny outlook.  Enjoy the forum xx





 Helllo Rosie.

                      You will know when its time to hand in your licence  beleive me if you feel  you  are  ok and  your ability to concentrate is  ok %100,  and  you  are  not having shut  downs  as  I say  just be  honest with  yourself  and  you  will be fine, when Iinformed the DVLA  they removed 16 licences at a stroke all for  heavy  stuff, but  allowed me to keep my car licence  which I had to  renew every year  but as my  senses became blunted by pd,  I went for a driving  assessment  which I thought would be  a doddle  I had been driving since 17 so  knew it all  could  not   miss,, I failed   seriously failed.  and I have  not  driven  since  as I said,,  you  will  know

                                                         Regards  FED