Hi I’m new

Hi I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s October 2016,
I did register with this group but only just picked up the courage to say anything,
I lost my 19 year old son 5 years age & at the same time my eldest son was going through chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I noticed I had certain problems & my daughter also noticed but I kept on ignoring it & shrugging it of & telling my daughter I was just going through the change,
I kept going to the doctors with very painful toes that crushed up, eventually they sent me to hospital to see a foot specialist, he said I needed to have them pinned but before we can do that I need you to see a neurologist because I think you’ve had a stroke,
The neurologist did a few checks on me & told me I very sorry but you have Parkinson’s disease, well although it was a shock I was also pleased to find out what was wrong with me, he also told me i was more than likely because of the shock of losing my son,
Over the next 2 weeks I had a MRI & a PAT scan which confirmed p/d
I have tremors, difficulty walking to far & shuffle my feet, I have trouble doing buttons and zips up, I have trouble with my speech sometimes, restless legs which keeps me awake, i also have hot sweats but being in my 50 I don’t no if that’s p/d or just my age lol
Best wishes to you all

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Hi Heidi22,

I hope all is well and a warm welcome to the forum.

My condolences to you on the loss of your son, it sounds like you and your family have had a tough few years. Although you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s just over a year ago, I think it might be worth exploring our ‘Newly diagnosed’ page on our website which covers everything from support for your friends and family to coping with Parkinson’s, in addition to other useful information. You can find all this information here.

The forum is a place for those affected by Parkinson’s to share their experiences and to offer peer to support so I am confident that you’ll make some good connections here.

Do let me know if you have any queries and I hope you enjoy using the forum.

Many thanks,

Hi Heidi,
I just wanted to wish you well. I can only imagine what you must have gone/go through having lost your son and then the diagnosis on top. I'm also new on here so still finding my feet. I find talking to people releases pressure and stops me from becoming disconnected which the pd does cause. Thinking of you.

Hello Heidi22 - this is about the first time I have come across someone with the same beautiful name as my niece ‘Heidi’.

My condolences over the loss of your son and with him being at such a young age is tragic. You have definitely been through a lot, and it does help a great deal to talk, and by joining in on the posts on the forum will give you lots of comfort and information with your diagnosis of PD.

I wish you all the best - Sheila x

Hi Heidi, So pleased you plucked up courage to come on here and speak about what you’re going through. Prior to having Deep Brain Stimulation done my legs would shake as would my right arm and I had to hold it/lay on it to stop the shake. Because I have got two tremors, I also have a Dystonic Tremor which I have had for most of my life but when diagnosed with Parky the consultant wouldn’t believe that I could have two tremors and that it could only be Parky, they know differently now !! I also sometimes have trouble with zips and buttons and also with speech, my voice gets a bit excited/ emotional and I almost squeak ?!!? Regarding your sweats I would think it is more a lady thing and not the Parky as I know of ladies on another forum who have this problem. Stay strong and be positive in mind, there are plenty of people on here in your position, take care.