Hi I new on here

Hi, my husband had Parkinson's for 5 years now. he takes each day as it comes, but as his wife I found it hard to watch him slow down. he has a few sleeps a day as the tablets make him tired. his left leg has start to shake , I hoping to find people on here that I can chat too and know I not alone in this situation.
Hi Twiggy

Welcome to the forum , I admit do not use forum as much as would like to , work , home etc.
My o/h has had PD for nearly 12 years now, it is and continues to be a roller coaster. Cant say it is easy but most of the time we cope .
I hope you find the forum useful and some great peeps who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and happy to share .
There are a few carers /oh's on the forum , do you have good support from family, friends etc ?

Kind Regards

Hi Bubble x

Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of support here so feel free to ask as many questions as you like. I find the responses helpful and it comforting to know that you are not alone.

Fizzy x
The previous message was meant for Twiggy as well!


I have not been on for a while. my husband has P/D since he has been given madopar it has really helped his tremor. he still has two little sleeps in the day.

he does not like to go out much, so we are getting a new puppy so we can go out for walks 

Hi, twiggy --  Great idea!  I know I wouldn't move about and take walks as often as I do if I didn't have my little companion dog.  We got him three years ago.  Then two years ago my husband passed away, so I am twice as grateful for my furry friend.  I may have lost the one planning to be my future caregiver, but at least I'm not totally alone in the house every day.

Best regards!

so sorry to hear that J of grey Cottage.

take care

hi fizzy

my hubby who has PD and been walking around during the night till 5.30am feeling restless.

I really dont know what to do to help him

hi bubble,

I cant seem to cope at moment, hubby is very restless and walking around at night till 5.30am

Is this normal for people that have Parkinsons.

Friends dont seem to visit anymore, my hubby does not want to go out like he used to. he watches tv a lot and plays games on his computer.

I dont know what to do to help him

worried wife and carer

Hi, twiggy --

Would it be possible to get him to walk outside rather than indoors?  He'd probably get more exercise and the fresh air has a good effect on most of us.  If the two of you established a habit of a daily walk, I'm sure he'd benefit.  If he is resistant to the idea, of course, I realise that you may not be able to do this.

I have not experienced that restlessness myself, but I have heard of other pwp who have.  It's usually the result of difficulties sleeping, I think.  Maybe your husband's PD nurse could recommend something for sleep.

I really believe you caregivers suffer at least as many hardships as we patients with PD.  It is terribly hard to watch someone you love grow ill and feel helpless about the situation.  I wish you well in your efforts!



Hi Twiggy,

I'm sorry to say that the restless nights are all part of PD and some of the medications that we take, I don't sleep as well as I'd like to!  It does help a little for your hubby to get out and about in the fresh air, you don't have to go too far. I know how he feels about not wanting to go out because I went through that stage, then I joined the local support PD group and it's the best thing I did, it helps you feel good about yourself again. I agree with J of Grey Cottage it can be difficult being a carer trying to understand the disease and medication.

Regards and best wishes


Thank you both.