Hi I'm me

Just to introduce myself as it says. I'm 56 years old and just diagnosed although just about to have the DaT scan as a bolt and braces thing! Married second time over so have two step boys, one 21 at Uni the other 17 and a pain; my own two are one 24 year old daughter living with her partner near Glos and my son of 16 just started A levels!
Hello and welcome War Gamer

You made me laugh saying your 17yr old was a pain, I think most of us have a few pains.

I think you will enjoy this forum, there are really lovely caring people here who you can talk with and lots of information to be found on the threads.

Hoping to see you here posting.

All the best to you

Radz xx
A very warm welcome war gamer. I trust that you will find this forum, by which I mean it's members, as helful, informative and supportive as have I

As a matter of interest do you "war game" on line or do you do the actual crawling through the shrubbery bit? (I have seen that on TV!)
My War Gaming is with 'real' model soldiers on the table top! and all the kids do it including my Daughter! we are doing Lord of the Rings on Friday:laughing:

My sense of humour especially about the raft of health problems I have may get me in trouble on here so apologies in advance!
Hi War Gamer,
Welcome! Look forward to your sense of humor. My daughter just turned 13, so we are just starting the fun teenage years. Best wishes, Lin2
Good morning War Gamer and welcome to the forum. Do the war games you enact have a script to follow? I'm intrigued to know how it works. Hope you find the forum as helpful and supportive as I have.
hiya wargamer,welcome to the forum:smile:im ali i have been dx for 11 years in november,im 42 years old:smile:i have one daughter,beci and she is 22 years old,there good surport on here wargamer,and nice friends to be made,see u around,we tend to hang out in the social thread in the cafe,so if u pop ur head around ,i do u a famous cuppa and fryup x:smile:
I think there needs to be a quota for people with a sense of humour on this forum. Too many and the whole thing will degenerate into a vaudeville act instead of the serious, solemn, depressing place it ought to be.
If new people with a sense of humour ARE to be allowed in, then an oldtimer past their best should be removed.
I nominate Eck, who has taken to 'borrowing' other people's jokes.

just in case
You leave my Eck alone. And I want, nay demand, a story that is not going to make me huddle under the duvet, cry or otherwise be bothered. I want sunshine, I want roses, I want Sugar Mountain
Hi Wargamer. I have a son who was both a wargamer and a 17-year old pain! All the parties with underage drinking while he was doing his last year of school were...a nightmare! But he's 18 now, moved out of home, and much easier. I remember taking him to lots of warhammer games, both locally and in the city. The rules to each different game were fascinating, the players dedicated, and the models & scenery were out of this world. I hope Lord of the Rings went well on Friday.:grin:
Kindest regards, Frock
Well I found that the best way to win is to get son-in-law to be to chuck the dice and move the models around whilst sitting calmly in a chair watching and telling him what to do! worked a treat!
Hello and welcome wargamer.
What a pity it is that all wars cannot be fought with toy soldiers.

You never quite realise how precious life is until you have some incurable disease.

Anyway. A warm welcome and keep posting.:grin:

I am 53, married with two children - who both have a small child each. I am so lucky to be "Nanny" to the two of them. As the 16 month old lives in Glasgow I don't get to see her as much as I would like. But the 2 month old lives about 2 miles away and he is gorgeous.
I gave up work in February with grand early retirement plans; as I was diagnosed last month we are now trying to adjust these - as slightly as possible (especially in the short and medium term). Although I understand the principles of positive thinking and healthy lifestyle I have not quite got to the point of putting these into action but at least now I do actually sometimes forget about it! And I have not as yet given up my chocolate comfort eating!
Anyway, I am off to Glasgow tomorrow to run after the 16 month old for three days so I am in good spirits.

Hello and a big welcome to the forum. Glad to read you are in good spirits, enjoy time with your grand children.

Everyone deals with the news in different ways when dx'ed. I would say carry on as normal (whatever normal is)

Loads of people here for you to talk with and share thoughts.

All the very best to you and yours

Radz x
hiya welcome to the forum:smile:im ali i bin dx for 11 years in november,lots of surport on here and good friends to welcome u ,we tend to hang out in the chat or the cafe on social thread if u fancey a chat anytime,other wise there is plenty of threads on here that are very intrestin and give good advice to help u x:smile:
Hi Weeaggie and welcome to the forum. I was dx almost 2 years ago which is when the PD Nurse suggested that this forum was the place to gain support and advice from people who understood the ups and downs of living with PD. I have found that there is always someone around ready to chat, or games to play in the Social Club so if ever you fancy popping in I'm sure there will be somebody there.

We must be neighbours, I live about 1 hour from Glasgow
Hi War Gamer.

Welcome to the forum.

A piece of advice re the humour.

Don't borrow anything from Tumsh. You never hear the end of it and he'll try and get you kicked off the forum. SPAM FRITTERS IT ALL AWAY :laughing:

(as for the rest of the spam gags, they are safe)

Thanks AB for sticking up for me and thanks also to ... hang on ... I'll just go back and see who else ... oh right that's it ... You said it all AB, so nobody else felt the need ... am I right ... anybody ... ECHO ... EcHo ... echo. Ochone! Ochone!
there is not enough humour.