Hi im new here

I just have a general general question as I think I may have some signs.

I have noticed that my hands have started shaking and my right arm is getting stiff, ive notied also that my right arm dosnt swing any more. my arm feels heavy all the time and ive noticed that i am gripping things more tight so i dont drop them.
ive noticed that my memory has been getting worse over the last few months, and now i get stuck when im talking, its as though my brain and mouth stop working for a few or several seconds before i can continue to speak and finish what i want tot say.

in the last 3 months my hand writting has got alot smaller and i cant really understand what ive written as its not my handwritting any more. i find im gripping utensils, pens differantly and harder than i used to.
i feel unsteady on my feet, i feel like my legs and hips are constntly vibrting and i am walking alot slower than i used to as well , i always had my wife and duaghter complaining i walk to fast but they walk faster than me know, ive always walked fast my whole life. i find going from one surface to another makes me hesitate and take care when im walking.
my right shoulder and right side of my chest feel like they are vibrating .
its hard though as alot of the signs people cant see.

ive been the muskular skeletal nurse a month ago and she says on record that its not muscular, skeletal and that its definetly nourological.

i have been waiting a month now to see a nourologist, and understand that its going to take time.

i could just feel i cant do anything until i know whats wrong, and fear that my symptoms will get worse as they seem to have got worse very quickly as i was working and fine in april this year.

thank you for any help or advice.

Hi. You are not alone. Not an expert, doctor or nurse but carer and wife. You seem to have symptoms indicating Parkinsons. Check for a support group near you to join. Also see if you can go to your local hospital neurology department to pick up leaflets etc. Husband was diagnosed 3? years ago and we’ve only just got the specialist nurse to talk about and hopefully arrange) referrals to Physio, Occupational Health and Memory specialist. She also mentioned things husband can do himself to help various problems. Information not forthcoming unless we ask, and you don’t know what to ask for unless someone tells you! Vicious circle! Research everything on Parkinsons.org and on the Internet for advice, understanding and self help so you can ask what help is available too you and your symptoms. Good luck

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Amanite 1972
Hello and welcome to the forum
I understand that you are worried about the changes you have been noticing in yourself and obviously you want to know what is going on. The wait to see a neurologist can seem incredibly long even if you are not actually waiting overlong not least because your imagination can run wild and you end up worrying more.
There is no simple answer to your post, I wish there was, but until you get a diagnosis I can say little that will really help very much. In neurological terms there are several different conditions that have similar symptoms and even when you have seen a neurologist they may not be in a position to give a formal diagnosis straightaway; that’s because they may need to eliminate other possible conditions before being able to confirm yours.
Since you have come to the Parkinson’s forum to post your concerns, it has clearly crossed your mind that this may be the cause of your symptoms. You may well be right but until you get a definitive diagnosis you have to view such thoughts with a bit of caution and it would be remiss of me to tell you otherwise. I do not say that to be awkward. Indeed in my own case I was aware my symptoms pre diagnosis suggested I had Parkinson’s rather than any of the other neurological conditions but I could not be certain of this until I had a formal diagnosis… I read Alisongs reply and entirely understand why she wrote as she did and you must do what feels right for you but please do try to keep a sense of perspective. I agree there is a lot in your symptoms that seem to indicate Parkinson’s but there are other conditions that have the same or similar symptoms and if you convince yourself it’s Parkinson’s and it turns out to be something different that is likely to be a very difficult thing to get your head around.
I sincerely hope that you are not kept waiting too long to see a neurologist and get a formal diagnosis.
Best wishes.

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Hello Amanite1972,
I hope you will get your diagnosis soon, I think the uncertainty is the worst thing. My first simptom was shaking in my right hand, then something like vibrating in my chest when I wake up and problems in handwrithing. I was sure that’s something wrong with my thyroid…I visit a neurologist and he send me to lot of tests-everything was OK. Than I start to research and immediately understand what’s wrong, all the symptoms matched… i tell him what I doubt. He tried to calm me down (I was beside myself). He tell me that he is sure that I don’t have PD, but he send me to his friend-one of the best specialist in my country, I get a term for 3 days.
I go there and for 5 minutes neurologist get my diagnosis. That was it. He send me to DatScan and clearly mentioned that it will only be an official confirmation and no need to hope that it is not PD. He was right.
I don’'t know what to tell you, your simptoms really seems like PD. But who knows, did you check your thyroid? Unfortunately that doesn’t explain the handwriting :neutral_face:
Best wishes,


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thank you @Martina @Tot @Alisongs for replying to me.
Hope you are all ok this weekend?

i know your perfectly right and i just have to wait to see the neurologist but your mind runs away with you sometimes.
ive looked at possible causes for my symptoms and i keep coming back to PD, as the other alternative could be MND or MS.

just scary how fast things are getting bad.
!. 3 months ago i was fine.
2. 3 months ago my handwriting was normal now its a quarter of the size and scrawly where i shake and i cant even read some of what i have written. i had to get the wife to write a shopping list out again becouse she couldnt read what id put.

  1. this constant feeling of tiredness. i have to have a break even sweeping the floor at home. 4 months ago i was working full time as a support worker for adults with learning dissabilities and on my feet for 13hrs a day now i cant stand still for more than a few minutes without my legs turning to jelly, shacking, shacking in my hips and legs and feeling as though my legs are about to give way.
  2. most concerning though is that 3 days ago i fell while walking through the back door and then yesterday i fell out of the bath trying get out. no real damage but scary.

keep up the good work everyone.
this is an amazing forum.