Hi just wanted if anyone is taking SAFINAMIDE and how they are doing

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Hi, I have just started so will let you know. I don’t seem to get on with any meds but hopefully this will help to keep things running smoothly! xx

Hi Hilly was you on rasagiline befor you started on Safinamide.I was but seem to be doing ok on Safinamide been on it 6months now.

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Hi have you put any weight on with the tablets (safinamide) I have


yes. I was put on Safinamide a few months ago after trying Rasagiline and Opicaone.(which made me lose loads of weight. I have been troubled with really bad head pains(was even painful to put my lipstick on)and I asked if it could have been caused by the Safinamide so they doubled my dose from 50mg to 100mg.For my head pain I was given Pregabalin125gm and then I went to New Zealand for 3wks. Whilst I was there I was really well, even pushed my husband in a wheelchair when he fell down a mountain! However, I had realised I had a big memory problem because if anybody asked where I had been for my holiday I could not recall the words New Zealand or Australia or say what L.A stood for. Long story short Pregabalin was halved and within 3 days my memory came back. In an attempt to reduce my medication I also reduced the Saminafide to 50mg.I still have the head pain but I would say not as bad. I have increased myCo-Careldopa/Levadopa by having 3 hourly doses instead of 4 hourly. Sorry this is a lengthy reply but hopefully it will show that Safinamide is ok and of course it might depend what else you are on and also how PD is affecting you. I :also take the following: 7amCo- careldopa 12.5mg/50mg Careldopa25/100, Pramipexole520mcg 10am 1pm4pm7pm Careldopa as before. 9pm one modified release Co-careldopa and bed time 50g Saminafide and Clonazepam500mcg

Hello Everyone,

I’m just wondering if anyone has more reflections on use of Safinamide used alongside Madopar.

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