Hi new to group

Hello everybody, thought it was about time to say hello. Been reading the forum for a while now and found it interesting and informative.So here I am, 57 years old, first went to my GP 3 years ago 'acting out my dreams' which turned out to be REM sleep behaviour disorder.The neurologist spotted several symptoms of PD, some of which I had been wondering about for some time.He wrote to my GP diagnosis Parkinsonism. Come back in 4 months. the next time he wrote diagnosis 'might be Parkinsons' ,4months later we were at 'proberably 'When I saw him last week we discussed medication and I asked him directly 'is that what Ihave got?' he said 'yes I think so' Am now waiting for his letter to see if he puts down PD as the diagnosis. To be honest I'll be happier to see it in black and white, then I know what I'm fighting. Don't think I'll really believe it until then. He did tell me what meds he was going to put me on but I have forgotten so i can't do any research yet. Hope the meds work as symptoms seem to be getting worse quite rapidly. I must point out that my neurologist is a great guy and I feel very lucky to have him. Sorry to go on but believe me thats the short version!    

look forward to reading more of your posts


Hi Jazzman

hope you get a definite diagnosis one way or the other soon. Not knowing is worse than the reality ! 

Let us know too ! 


Hi supa

got the diagnosis in the post this morning. At least I know where I am at now. He has started me on a drug called Madopar, which I have not heard of before so I'll have to do a little research on that. Thanks for getting in touch, hope you are doing OK



Welcome to the forum and good luck jazzman hope it all goes well for you 


Thanks for the welcome Ian ,hope things are going well for you too


Hello Jazzman and welcome, Im sorry you had to join us but youre here non the less. This forum is a source of useful information and plenty of useless information. Anything you want to know just ask someone normally has the answer.

Take care





thanks John

Hi Jazzman

husband has been on madopar since he was offically diagnosed 3 years ago. Suits him well and he has not had any problem with them. I think he is now on the highest dose possible, but good luck to you.