Hi - partner has oral symptoms

My partner was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, and he is still in shock. I am trying to find as much useful information as I can so we can tackle this in a positive way. Unfortunately he seems to find every depressing/discouraging link and is getting very low in mood.
His symptoms are mainly confined to his mouth, in that his tongue never stops moving. His jaw tremors happen all the time too, and excess saliva and difficulty swallowing are a big problem. His speech is worse by evening, slurred and with problems getting words out. His voice is very quiet as well, and he needs convinced he is not shouting. The Parkinson’s diagnosis was a relief for me as I was thinking bulbar palsy, but for my partner it has been devastating.
I will be reading this forum to try and learn more, and to lessen the feeling of tackling this complex condition.

Hi @Crunchie,

Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you’ll hear from our members soon.

Parkinson’s affects everyone differently so it’s completely understandable that your husband is feeling the way he is. I can also appreciate that the information on the internet can be very overwhelming not to mention scary in many instances. We have a ‘newly diagnosed’ section our website which has all the information your husband needs at this stage of his condition, which includes a guide which he can download and read in his own time. You can find this information and more here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/newly-diagnosed-parkinsons.

You can also give our confidential helpline call and speak to one of our advisers about this in more detail.They’ll be able to offer you and your husband more support on this and can offer information that is digestible. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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Lots of great information and support here.

Breathing exercises help voice, speaking. Coffee. Good oral hygiene. Keep hydrated. Good posture. Taking time to enunciate and encourage


Thanks Rhea, and FF - much appreciated :+1:t2:


Very welcome. If you read some of the subjects and then you can ask specific questions to relevant people who have experience in the areas that they have written about. Take care, good luck


My husband has similar problems. Last week I was feeling unable to cope with trying to get him to eat enough. I got in touch with the helpline, first by email, to outline the problems, then I spoke to a PD nurse, who was very helpful and supportive. A speech and language therapist has been to see him this week, and has reassured him and me. Also gave help and advice. Your local PD nurse can help you too, as ours also has done this week. They have adjusted his meds to make them easier to swallow, and are there if I want to have more help. Please use these supportive links, they will get you through the tough times. I am very independent, and don’t like seeking help, but this illness can get the better of you, at times, so ask for help! Good Luck.

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My Parkinson’s diagnosis floored me. It took months to come to terms with it in any way. Sinemet made the world of difference to me. Tremor, stiffness speech and writing all improved. My mood and outlook improved too.