Hi there, I'm new

Hi as yet I have not been formally diagnosed, I had a Datscan done on 23rd Oct, and when I rang my neurologist's secretary, she said my results were back and they were "marked for referral".  Needless to say she wouldn't tell me if they were normal, now I have myself worked up thinking if they had been normal I would not need to be referred.  I am 56yr old and started having slight tremor in my right hand about 2yr ago, this was put down to Thyroid problems ,but now  the tremor has gotten worse and I have numbness in my right lower leg and foot. I also have severe and quite painful buzzing in my right arm and arm.  Sorry to go on but can anyone set my mind to rest.

Hi Billieann

When are you getting your datscan results? That limbo waiting time (3 years ago for me) is very hard. Let us know how it goes.

Hi, billieann, and welcome!

Although no two cases of PD are identical, your symptoms do not all sound typical to me.  However, if you are formally diagnosed as having Parkinson's, remember that in spite of its being a serious and progressive disease, for most of us it is very slow-moving.  Besides, medications and exercise are quite successful in treating symptoms. 

I was diagnosed in my 50's also.  Now I have had PD 16 years and I have not yet changed my lifestyle!  I hike, play the piano , practice Tai Chi, and enjoy life each day.  Do not despair. 

Wishing you the best!