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Hi my name is Leah I am 46 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly 5 years ago! I live in North Yorkshire and I am a teaching assistant in a local primary school. It’s been a strange 5 years and surprisingly made me a better person. The Love and support that I have received is overwhelming and is what keeps me going. My main difficulty is tiredness and my slowness but it doesn’t stop me I just need a snooze.
I was diagnosed very quickly after only a few months with the main symptom of lack of arm swing. I do struggle with medication and it causes extreme sickness I do wonder if I could have left taking no medication a little while longer. Anyone got any suggestions to reduce nausea and sickness as I constantly feel like I did when I was expecting!! Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday night :blue_heart:

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Hi Leah
Welcome to the forum.
I was only diagnosed in June this year. Maybe you should ask about changing your medication?
I am fine with mine and have had it upped a little every month as it was wearing off to quick.
You will find alot of helpful people on here. So anything you have a problem with I am sure there will be someone who can help you.
They have helped me alot.

Hi, sorry to hear you are struggling with the meds. Presumably this is L-Dopa? usually the nausea passes after a while, but perhaps your dose is too high? Or maybe you could be taking a dopamine agonist at first anyway rather than l-dopa. All PD medications seem to have their drawbacks, but perhaps you should speak to your consultant about adjusting your medication regime to find something that suits you better. Hope you find something that works better for you soon.


I’m 48, diagnosed a couple of years ago. I’ve decided to stay off the meds as long as I can. Main symptoms are stiffness, droopy shoulder with no arm swing and a tremor which is only bad when I’m stressed or after strenuous exercise. My specialist says decision over meds is mine and as I’m young there’s plenty of time to start them.

Hello owenreuben. Welcome to the forum. When I first started taking Madopar and Selegelin I would take it with food - during a meal I would pop the pills with a glass of water and resume my meal. This was OK for a few months but I started to experience a lot of sickness - I’m still not sure if that is because I have esophagitis but I changed to taking the tablets after a meal - and if the meal is to be followed by dessert or anything else I will wait 15 minutes or so before eating anything else. This certainly reduced sickness for me. Very best wishes and good luck