Hi there

Hi everybody
I came across this forum last night whilst trawling the internet for information on Parkinsons after a particularly emotional day with my Mum. She is 63 and was diagnosed last year with parkinsons but has progressed very rapidly since. The situation is very difficult as she lives in the middle of rural France. My family and I have relocated out here since last September to support her and her husband who is 73 himself. The language barrier and my mum's stubbornness make it very difficult for me to understand everything that is happening to her or help as much as I could in the UK. She has chronic stomach pains all the time but refuses to catheterise herself or allow a nurse to which I am sure would help. She is barely functioning at the moment and yesterday she just cried. I feel very low and hoped that talking to some other people in similar situations would help.
Thanks for listening
Hello Bird and welcome to the forum.....A difficult time for you I read. We have a few members who live in France, they I think will come to your aid. You have taken the first step in joining the forum, read through the posts and threads there may be something in them that may help you and your Mum. Keep posting here and let us know how you and your Mum are doing.

All the very best to you and yours,
Radz x
Hi Radz
I feel better already receiving a reply to my post.
Thank you.
hiya bird welcome to the forum,im ali ive been dx for 11 years now,im 42 years old.im sorry your mom has been dx with pd as well,but she a lucky lady havin such a carin young lady your self helping her out.about her bladder probs,i have a supa pubic catherter and it much easier for me than self catherisin ,specailly now with pd with tremors etc.there is alot of information on puk forum and web site ,which will help you and your family to understand the diease beter.talkin to me is the best thing ,i feel when im very low its the only way i can get alift back up agin.the thing is it not only very hard for ur mom,it is for the close people around her,includin ur self.you have done the rite thing comin here to speak to other pd sufferers who im sure includin me self will give you any info that you would like to no.some times readin things on websites can get bit confussing,but speakin to a person in the same positon as your mom makes thing a bit easier for you.i hope you post more on the forum and if you wont to no anything i me self will be there for you ,as will other folk i no on here,just ask x :smile::smile: