Hi there

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012 (aged 42)
Fit active rugby player.
Since then been divorced, another broken relationship & suffered cancer.
Undergone a DBS operation.
Stepped down from a demanding manager’s role.
Living in chester.
Looking to meet young Parkinson’s sufferers for a chat.

Hello ,bloody 'ell hanging in there mate :slight_smile:
ive had young onset now 2 or 3 yrs since diagnosed im 52 ,getting my head round it now,not a bundle of laughs obvs ,got a left side slight tremor started in arm now leg also ,its more a mental battle for me ,anxiety ect,got a 14 year old lad that keeps me motivated and looks after me ,he is the driving force behind me and keeps me focused ,

I was diagnosed last year age 35 finally confirmed after a dat scan.

Hi Simon
Much appreciate your response, thank you.
I personally have never experienced a tremor.
I slowly lost all movement in my left arm and leg.
Thought the doctor was going to diagnose a trapped nerve in my left shoulder, due to scrummaging / started playing prop at rugby :joy:how wrong was I?.
Now 8 years on and after deep brain stimulation (DBS) slower movement, shuffle walking, slurred speech.
Which greatly improved during playing walker rugby.
Stay positive mate
Tom :facepunch::+1::muscle:

thanks Tom ,we are hanging in there mate thats what we do, not lying down and letting this walk over me no way ,
my lad plays Rugby 6ft 1 and about 13 stone only aged 14 lol ,other kids just bounce of him ,

:blush: :facepunch: :facepunch: