Hi there

Hi there smile

I'd just like to introduce myself to the Forum ...

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's in September 2015.

Having sourced literature from Parkinson's UK - I cannot thank them enough for all the information they forwarded to us - I thought it would be a good idea to join the Forum so that I can glean information and understanding, perhaps speak with carers or other people dealing with Parkinson's.

It's a difficult time right now for my family as we're all learning to adjust.  It's also a slightly worrying time as I am noticing that my father seems to be in denial about certain things which is difficult to address as he has bouts of aggression - I've no idea if this is related to his Parkinson's or because he feels questioned by those near to him.  For the moment, we're all adjusting and we're all learning.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi smile and make myself known to everyone.


Hi curlywurlyGirl

   Welcome to the forum sorry your having a dificult time with your father , it can take some time to adjust to the idea of having Parkinsons and you do go through a period of mourning when your first diagnosed .

mood swings denial and aggression are not unusual in PWP but you should have a chat to his pd nurse so she can keep an eye it.

   Welcome again   Live well.  Cc


Hi CurleyWurleyGirl, welcome to the forum where I'm sure you will get lots of support from others on here. I'm sorry your father has taken his DX badly. It does make you feel angry in a way knowing that you have it, and takes time to adjust also, from being someone in your fathers case who is head of a household and doing all they can in caring for them to someone who cannot manage to do things he used to be capable of which makes him feel frustrated. On the other hand it is just as frustrating for those who care for someone who has PD in trying to understand that persons feelings and frustrations. It is all a learning kerb for everyone. I have had PD for six years and I have just begun to accept the situation, my husband could not accept the way I was also, but we have both learned to give and take.

I wish you all the best, and hope everything turns out well - Sheila

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for the welcome and for taking the time to reply - your words have been very kind and informative.  I really appreciate it.

Hi Cheshire Cat,

Thank you also for the welcome and your informative words.  I did wonder if my dad's behaviour issues might be connected.  This is something that I will definitely mention to his pd nurse - thank you for mentioning this.