Hi to all the people in Parkinson's land

Hi, My name is Andy. I’m 58 years old and was DX in November of 2009. I live in east Cornwall and if I had to describe myself…I…would ssssaaaaayyy …I was and still am a bit of an old hippie. I like fast cars ( which is not very hip …but that’s how it goes) I enjoy a drink or three …(no no no, make that two, I’m not that bad. ) I love good music of most sorts and spent quite a bit of time trying to make my own music…Also I can be a bit of a comedian at times, some of my reply’s may be a little outspoken but always looking at the funny side , cos ‘it’s a funny old world init’. as Fagin might say…
So I come to,why am I here? I had an idea, is there an mussos out there with Parkinson’s… and there must be a few, I reckon there is a lot of talent just going to waste… Get in touch, If you ever feel inspired what ever you play…Get in touch. I have an idea to make music by collaborating over the ‘wholly remarkable’… internet… Anybody interested?

Do not encourage him, he can’t play, he’s not very good really But he can be quite funny…occasionally …bless him. anyway… follow this link…https://soundcloud.com/andyguitar to hear a bit of his work.Enjoy. if you did enjoy …msg and tell me and I will tell the bloody idiot.

Hi, I enjoyed ‘The Brink’ found it strangely relaxing. Unsure of next track.

Hi Rose, thanks for taking the time to listen. ‘The Brink’ is a bit of good old improvisation. I just sat at the keyboard an it sort of fell out. can’t even remember what tune is after, I’ll have to pop and see… Ah yes ‘The Dream Monster’ it’s a bit weird and it’s not to everybody’s taste, ‘The Brink’ is the better tune I.M.H.O.

Hi Andy
Always good to hear from someone who can see the funny side of things. As for the music; I wish I did play an instrument, sounds like you’re gonna have some fun.

Hi Bexby, thanks for your reply, I hope to have a bit of fun if anyone turns up that is. Did you follow the link and have a listen? I’m looking for honest appraisal. It’s not everybody’s cup of char, but it is music (just about). And remember…'It’s never too late to learn an instrument, I’m sure you can find something to annoy the neighbors. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Well, well well, it;s getting a bit lonely sitting hear waiting to hear from mussos. I’am overwhelmed by the response.