Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with PD, my name is Barbara and I’m 66 yrs old and have been having mild hand tremors for about 6 months before my diagnosis. I also have some sleeping problems which I was unaware can be a symptom of PD. Is it just me, or does it seem to be men who are usually pictured in help leaflets - is it unusual for ladies to get PD??
Not had my first appt. yet with my neurologist since the DaT scan, just a letter confirming they have found something confirming PD. Feeling a bit daunted but trying very hard to stay positive, any comments and advice welcome, many thanks.

Hi @BarbH. Welcome to the forum!

I think it is more common for men to get PD then women - a quick google suggests men are up to twice as likely to get it.

I’m 61 and was diagnosed 2 years ago and my first symptoms were tremors too, but in my leg rather than my hand. My symptoms haven’t really increased a lot over this time and I can still do everything I did before although I have recently started on levodopa medication which helps a lot. My main advice would be not to rush into making any major changes or decisions but just see how things develop. Exercise is really important and having a positive attitude will really help as well.

Make a list of questions to ask the neurologist when you see them as it’s easy to forget what you wanted to know when you get there.

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Hi Clare, many thanks for the advice. Lots of people are suggesting exercise but unfortunately I’ve just been diagnosed with stenosis in my lower back. This means I am in pain most of the time and restricted to the exercises recommended by my physio. I am unable to walk more than a few hundred yards before I have to sit and rest my back before continuing. Frustrating, as I loved to go on long coastal walks and miss it terribly. Thanks again, Barbara

Sorry to hear that, @BarbH. It must be very frustrating.

Hi BarbH

Just remember it’s your body and you say what goes into it. Take time to consider the info at your disposal before leaping into taking any drugs. Exercise is very beneficial but because of your back problems, I’m wondering whether Hydrotherapy classes might be of benefit? Do consider joining your local group - you’ll find a wealth of experience there and a warm welcome. Good luck.

Thank you so much, that’s very encouraging - I’ll certainly look for my local group. My symptoms are quite mild at the moment so I’m not sure if they’ll be suggesting any drugs yet.
Many thanks

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It’s great to see that you’ve already received a warm reception from our members and hope to see more of you on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

As the community manager of the forum, I just wanted to address your comment about the Parkinson’s UK leaflet that you came across. In our publications, we try to feature a balance of men and women, of different ages and ethnicities. I’d be really interested to know which leaflet you’re referring to? We’d would happily take a look at it, but other than that, we’ll definitely keep trying to get the balance right in the publications and images we use on the website.

Do let me know.

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I’m Nick and new to the Parkinson’s UK forum. I am a new member of the Parkinson’s UK team and look forward to getting to know everyone.



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Hi I have just been diagnosed and am not able to do much exercise due to having poly myalgia
But I have jut bought a mini exercise bike which you sit in your armchair and pedal away it’s great
Gets your circulation and heart rate up

Glad you’ve found something that works for you.

I’m currently on holiday and have been able to do some hiking which has been fun.