I am a 57 year old female who lives in New Zealand. I found out I had Parkinson's last year.
It is taking a while for me to come to terms with the implications of this news and the ever changing symptoms that I feel. I am open about my condition to everyone, but it is hard for others to know how it feels. Also I don't want the condition to take over all our friendships so I just tell as much as they want to know. It is summer and Xmas Eve here in NZ. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
Talk to you soon.
kia ora
haere mai from Armidale NSW
28c and thunderstorm here.
Welcome ME@NZ,

I am sure you will find the forum very helpful during your journey with PD for now let me wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year the same to you Turnip.
best wishes
thank you Vivian.
and best wishes to you
Welcome to the forum.
Yes I can understand how you feel about having pd. I think we all felt the same way on receiving the bad news. Do not worry about any future problems, just live your normal life as long as you can. No two sufferers have the same problems likewise what is a good medication for one does not necessary suit another. Worrying what may be will only make you feel lousy. Keep smiling
Festive wishes to you and yours
Hi, Hope you have a wonderful Christmas over in NZ.
thanks Chunky Vivian Turnip and Blue Angel
Christmas day here was an unusually hot 30 degrees
the reason I am typing now at 2.40 am is because it is still hot, I have the usual dry mouth and the usual tingling arm and leg.
take care and enjoy Christmas