Hi everyone…
Just at the start of my journey…had a tremor for a few years and didn’t really think anything about it until June this year when I got hit with a number of symptoms…
Seen a neurologist but because I have so many symptoms he’s not sure if i have parkinsons or not…
Starting meds hopefully next week and waiting for a DAT scan.
Just need some answers, most recent symptom is fizzing in hands arms and feet for around a week now.
Feels like pins and needles but not as bad.

Hi and welcome to our forum, Clay. We’ve got a friendly and supportive group here and I’m sure they’ll be along shortly to say hello.

You’re early in your journey and everything must be new and mysterious at the moment. Hopefully your DAT scan will give some more answers and your medication will help with that fizzy feeling. If you take a look around the forum and do a search for Pins and Needles, you’ll see that it’s quite a common topic of conversation around here and you’re sure to find something useful that could help you in the meantime.

Meanwhile, our website has a lot of information that you’ll find useful. The section: Information and support | Parkinson's UK in particular has pages for Newly Diagnosed and also Young Onset Parkinson’s. Read them through for some answers to your questions. If you need other answers or some support, please ring our Helpline team on 0808 800 0303. The call is free and our advisers have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Really looking forward to hearing more about you and what happens next.

Forum Moderation Team

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