Hi all,
My husband is 72, he was was dx 14 months ago. He was being treated for Essential Tremor for 5 years before his Parkinson's was confirmed by DaT scan.
He is being treated with 8mg of Requip XL daily, we are about to up this to 10mg.
He walks every day, some days slower than others of course. He tries to keep his life as normal as possible. I have nothing but admiration for his strength of mind and am very, very proud of him.
I hope to become a frequent contributor to the forum and will offer support to anyone who need it especially carers.
Thank you all for being here.
Hi. I wasn't 40 when I was dx with Parkinsons I am nearly 64 now. I didn't know what it was,apart from thinking it was what older people had. I tried not to think about it and carry on as before . I whent to work for as long as I could, started in a yoga class went swimming.went to Canada 3 tmes to visit relations. I have been able to watch my grandchildren growing up.I have had my good times when I have felt ok some times not so good. Due to better medication and D B S I think I have been lucky I am still independant. I feel you have to fight it and stay positive.It is the first time I have wrote to a group about having Parkinson. It makes a difference when someone understands what you are talking about. Thank you.


hi there
I think that pushing yourself to lead as normal life as possible is a great thing in fighting the dreaded pd. Trouble is that it is easier done some days than others. Some days one feels so lethargic that it is a real struggle to get going.
Medication is a great help although the problem is that each medication affects each sufferer differently. We must all keep persevering though.
Hello and Welcome , I hope you don't mind me saying this but the word Carer does
really describe your role,I am at risk of repeating myself here but I cannot praise individuals like yourself enough freely giving true Devotion to those in
there charge you need the heart of an Angel , if the workload that all of you very
special people carry out was transferred to the NHS it would cost Billions ,my
beloved has at times had a very stubborn awkward grumpy old grandfather to deal
with and does so with a smile as always,I am the cared for person in the above so
it is with the greatest respect that once again welcome you to our Forum I look
forward to sharing the priceless knowledge you have with the equally priceless
members of our group.
Kindest Regards Fedex
Dear Fedexlike .. once your grumpiness is over I, I am sure your beloved realises why you are , and soon forgets it

Who wouldn't be GRUMPY now and again if they had Parkinsons

I am sure she gets a bit GRUMPY occasionally , although in my case it's generally frustration mainly due to the sudden changes that can happen even during one day .

Thankfully we have had two of the better days . Won't hold my breath though to what tomorrow might bring us but wil are what comes .
HELLO CARER . Welcome to this site Will look forward to reading your comments .

My husband is 79 , I can't believe where all the years have gone , although I am 76 on a good day I think I can still do the things I could do when I was very much younger . I suppose that's a good thing as far as looking after my husband . It sounds like your husband is more able than mine , any future problems that may arise for you I am sure you will find the answer to on here.
Hello carer and welcome to the forum. I have been dx for 11 years now, so have some experience of some of the presribed meds for pd. You mention that your hubby is taking Requip and that he is due to have the dosage put up, may I offer a little bit of advise?

Your hubby's neuro may have already mentioned it to you, if so disregard what i am about to say... please watch your husband for any changes in his personality, or in his habits ect. Some people can be prone to compulsive behaviors whilst taking meds like Requip, it certainly doesn't effect everybody, but it is worth noting. I do hope that your hubby finds the meds beneficial as Requip can be a great med.

Hope to catch up with you soon