I'm new to forum. I am 46. I was diagnosed at 39 but I noticest symptoms when I was 35.
Just wanted to say Hi /Hello
Hi Mrs Mas and welcome to the site .
Sorry about that Mrs MAC !!!
Seemingly almost everyone in the world answers the phone with 'hello?'. Bell answered the first phone call with 'ahoy!'. Strangely enough we have had 300 phone calls for a Mr Ahoy and so now have changed our phone number.
All of the above is true, as is - 'hello mrs mac, hope to be hearing more from you, welcome. hope you are keeping well' .
Hi Mrs Mac
Welcome to the forum. I am sure that if you stay on the forum any length of time, you will end up as crazy as the rest of us. Seriously though, you will meet a lot of people who can laugh at their problems, relate experiences, and just make you happy that you joined the forum.
Hope to hear more from you in the future
Hello there Mrs. Mac, I hope you enjoy your stay here. It's a bit of a downer to say the least when you first find out youv'e got Parkys, more so when so young. I myself was "only" 49 and considered to be young by my consultant, [bless her]
Good luck for your future, I hope everyting goes as well as it can.
Hi Mrs Mac,

Welcome to the forum which I hope you will find helpful and very friendly.
My husband had has PD for thirty years and he was also 39 when diagnosed but like you and many more had something not quite right for several years before that time.
Just to give you some encouragement although he is now in a nursing that is in part because I am disabled myself but we did manage for the first 28 years at home. He is still able to walk around although does fall because he is stubborn and won't use his wheelchair, but he can still play a mean game of scrabble and beat the carer's on the Wi as well as cooking, he is a bit messy but all good fun. So I say to you keep up as much as you can and keep fit both physically and mentally, also keep living as normal life for as long as you can.
best wishes
Hi Mrs Mac, Just thought I would say Hi and Welcome to the Forum. Blue Angel.