Hi my name is Freddy and I live in Scotland. Diagnosed with PD three years ago when I was 61.
I am very lucky, I suppose in that I have no tremors and the other symptoms are quite mild.

Worse is fatigue and restricted hand movements.


hi there.fatigue is debilitating. bowen therapy helps me with that..makes a real difference.
Hi, Kruger.

If I changed name & where I live, your post could have been written by myself! I might have added an awkward leg, but otherwise, snap. Let's hope PD s progress continues to be slow.. Best wishes to you. EM
Hi Kruger I have been DX about 9yrs I don't have a tremor but I do have a problem with my hands.I started knitting again about 6 months ago , I used really large needles and thick wool to start with, just knitting scarves I'm now down to small needles and knitting baby clothes.i do about 1hours knitting every day I have found a tremendous improvement. I know it is mainly a woman's hobby. But it's really easy
What is bowen therapy?