Hi  have been dx 2 y 6 month I finished work about 10 month ago due to pd as i thought ........seems it was my meds now struggling to find work and feelin a little short changed I live with  partner and  cat I am 46



Hi pgtips, milk no sugar thanks.

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. life with PD seems to be a balance - you're a mixture of you, the condition, and your meds. It seems difficult to tie down effects to just one thing. PD makes you tired, but then so do some meds., for instance.

Work is difficult. There are laws about not discriminating against those with PD. But that still doesn't help much when you're up against others. Have you sought advice, eg from a CAB or the PUK helpline?

i'm glad you mentioned your cat . . .


Welcome to the forum pgtips

I'm really sorry to hear that you are out of work because of Parkinson's and I understand why you might feel shortchanged.

Adjusting your meds regime is a constant balancing act. When they are working well I find that I have few visible signs of Parkinson's, if any. I'm 48 and was dx nearly 10 years ago. 

There are a good number of working PwP on the forum and there are lots of posts discussing the pros and cons of working with Parkinson's on the forum. One of the advisers on the wonderful Parkinson's UK helpline specialises in employment issues. It would be worth giving him a call.

As Semele says there are laws (primarily the Equality act, except in Northern Ireland) that make it illegal to discriminate against you because of a long term health condition. In general you are not compelled to tell a prospective employer that you have Parkinson's and they are not allowed to ask. 

I hope that helps

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one more thing....

You might already have seen this booklet which is well worth reading