Just to introduce myself as I am new to the forum.

I'm a PWP diagnosed in 2009. I was a specialist contact lens optician but have now withdrawn from the register ( a disease not entirely compatible with placing small bits of plastic on the human cornea !)

I'm married with two children who are incredible for not only have they had to live with Dad's illness but also their Mum getting oral cancer and having half her tongue removed. Amazingly they rebuilt it with a graft from her arm, luckily for me not her buttocks as I'd be spending the rest of my days kissing her a**e.

I had an unpleasant experience initially with the Neurologist who diagnosed me, though he's regarded as a Parkinson's wizard I found him arrogant, dismissive and cavalier . Because of this I opted to stay, with my Doctor's agreement, in general Practice until such time as things became 'difficult'.

I've been very happy with this arrangement, managing on 6mg of Requip xl for 4yr +. However lifes outrageous fortunes  have now made things complex and I've requested a referral back to Neurology.

We all know stress makes our symptoms worse but as far as I am concerned it is a causative factor probably involving acetylcholine, seratonin and other neurotransmitters and is actually a subset connected to early onset type Parkinson's. One only has to look at combat veterans whose PTS manifests as a movement disorder. Interestingly Hugh Morris researcher , Bristol/London thinks the same.

Anyhow, that's my way of coping, I've a science/diagnostic background,OCD and a vested interest, all I've done for the last 6 yrs is study all things Parkinsonian. My conclusion so far is that there is a dark underbelly to the world of Parkinson's. I fear I may come across as a tad militant and so will keep a low profile at times for it would upset me enormously if I caused anyone feel any stress.

I look forward to future correspondence with everyone but for now I wish you all love & mercy