my name is sharon and ive had head tremor for a while tremor in my thumb and little finger i stumble a lot , my skin tingles nose runs when i eat and a few other things, my gp thinks it could be parkinsons and tommrow im seeing a neurologist, id like to know what he will do at the appointment as im quite worried about going so any info would be great

They will ask you lots of questions about your symptoms, so write down everything you think is significant, including how long you've had it, before you go (it's easy to forget things when you're there). Also, make a list of questions you want to ask.

The neurologist will probably also test your hand/eye co-ordination, your reflexes and your tremor.

Don't worry, nothing hurts! Just make sure you ask everything you want to. If you don't understand something, ask them to explain. If you're told you will have to have tests, make sure you know what they are and what to expect.

Good luck!

Good luck with the appointment - nothing to be scared of, just basic neurological tests like touching your nose with the tip of your finger, walking up and down the corridor, counting backwards etc.

Quite agree that you need to write a list otherwise when you get into clinic you may forget the main symptoms.

Hope all goes well

thank you for your reply ill do a list and write down my symptoms

If you are diagnosed with PD, just remember that there is life afterwards.  You just need to make some adjustments, but always remain positive - this will get you through most of the adversity.

Its a devastating blow when you are first told and you cannot imagine the future.  But you can cope - and you will learn to live with the symptoms and find that medication really does help. I was diagnosed 12 years ago in my early forties and I am still active .

Good Luck

thank you will he tell me when i go tomorrow or will i have to wait a while , id rather know sooner rather than later

I would imagine he will tell you if he is sure of the diagnosis. 

How did you get on ?

to be honest i feel like it was a waste of time , i dont know any more than i did when i went in there, he asked my symptoms asked me to walk up and down tested my reflexes and said ill send you for a scan , i said can you give me some indication of what you think it could be he said no ill send you for a hard tissue scan depending on the result of that i may send you for a soft tissue scan untill then we wont speculate take this to xray and when you have had the scan ill write to you bye and that was it , when i went to xray she said right when do you want to book in i said asap she said are you bupa ? i said no nhs she shut her book and said we will send you an appointment in the post it will be about 4 to 6 wks

he actually said hard ware and soft ware when talking about the scans but i assumed he ment hard and soft tissue but i could be wrong and he didnt explain

Hi Sharonkim,

Sorry to hear that you feel it was a waste of time. Please keep in mind that we have a helpline you can call on 0808 800 0303 for advice, any questions you might have or even just to chat while you wait to hear about your appointment.

All the best for the future, and do keep us updated.


Moderation Team.

i was just disappointed not to have some idea of what it could be , i just came out feeling dissmissed

I think you will probably have 2 scans. The DAT scan diagnoses Parkinsons, MRI looks for other things .

Don`t worry.


thanks Frances ill just be glad when i know one way or another its the not knowing that bothers me most

Sorry you had such a poor experience but most neuro's are not like that. Sadly it seems PD is difficult to diagnose as there is no definitive test for it.

They test to rule out other possible causes such as Wilson's disease or MS then dx on the progression of symptoms.

I was very fortunate as my husband had bupa with his work and as soon as I noticed the twitch in my elbow was spreading up and down my arm I was referred to a private neurologist and was diagnosed within a few months after all the tests came back ok.

PD is not nice but it is manageable. I've been dx for over 4 years now and I still work full time and do all the things I used to do, The only difference is that I have to take tablets every four hours but I can deal with that.

Hope you get your answers soon



thank you for your reply i have got my scan appointment today for the 26th of october and the doctor said he would write to me after id had the scan to let me know if id need the other scan so hopefully ill know something after that