I went to see a neurologist and he sent me for a MRI scan and today i got a letter saying the scan was normal and he was sending me for a DAT scan , does the fact my scan was normal mean that there is nothing wrong with me ? that i dont have parkinsons i cant get to see my gp to ask her so wondered if any one on here might know , i still have all the same symptoms as i had when they sent me for tests


Hi sharon

I had an Mri as many do, and that come back as normal apart from some minor degeneration where i have hurt my back over the years, think of it as a process of elimination onto the Next step, I also had nerve conduction tests and a blood test for wilsons disease too eliminate that, it doesn't take anything away from your symptoms, I also had after that a Dat scan the results of that supported a diagnosis of Parkinsons for myself.

thank you for your reply when i got the letter saying that every thing was normal i thought great i dont have it , then i opened the other letter and it said they were going to send an appointment for the other and i started to panic again daft really


If its any comfort i found the dat scan more pleasant than the noisy Mri.

Hi sharon

Like you I have MRI tomor then datscan wed. I can understand your anxiety and feel it a bit too. So pleased for you that your MRI was clear. All the best with the datscan too. 



thanks i hope your scans went well sue

im glad the dat isnt as noisy the mri was really loud , she gave me ear plug and head phones but wow the noise was awful

Know just what you mean!! i had earplugs but still very noisy. Just wished someone had spoken and said are you ok or whatever. Felt a bit closed in. When I had shoulder one it was ok but this one not so good. Next one at addenbrookes wed. See what happen then. 

hope your scan went ok Lex1255


Thank you so much for asking. It went ok and the staff there were so kind. Couldn't believe just how huge the addenbrookes site is. Glad both scans over now. Just have to wait again for results. Hope it's not too long.

How are you doing?

MRI clear that means they have ruled out everything else only a DAT SCAN can see PD and the wait for results the longer you wait the better major problem ie tumour they will call you within 3 to 4 days PD is the lesser of at least 3 evils  PD Essential Tremor ( Untreatable as far as I am aware ) Brain Tumour ( Death Sentence ) PD Treatable with meds that give you symptomatic relief but degenerative.


Hope you get the all clear xx

Thank you BB. They say within ten working days then chase up. Thank you for your support. It is reassuring to know that on here everyone understands as they have all been through similar stages or are caring for someone going through PD. x

You are welcome as you can see i am very straight talking i do not see any point in beating around the bush if you do get diagnosed with pd my suggestion to you is to start the meds straight away as delaying can only make it so when you do start the meds they will have to work much harder which cannot be good for you. You will also have access to a local support group of which mine is Lincoln think I would have cracked up by now without them.


I promise I will do what I can to help and guide you in my own very straight talking way so please don't think I am cold with my answers, my own PD I call the b**** and everyday in the mirror I tell her she will not win because the right sided b**** will always fight her tooth and nail


I am definitely of the gimmee the drugs school of thought, my symptoms would have me wheelchair bound by now without them and I am only 49, almost 3 yrs dx.

BB, I hope that if it proves positive for PD then I have some of the strength and determination that you show. Well done for keeping strong and fighting back. 

Sue x


its very true that a strength in character helps us all through our daily struggles.  We PWP are all in the same boat although have different ideas and or expectations.

i have very bad days, but I also have very good days.  My choice when diagnosed was to not rush into any medication without being completely comfortable with what I was putting into my body.  I took one selegeline daily which is thought to be neuro protective and seemed wise to do so after suggested by my neuro.  after 18 months, I was struggling with foot drag on my parky side and it had began to affect my walking.  My neuro suggested sinemet plus.  I built up to 4 a day very gently and gradually.  They improved things significantly for me.  I have an emergency supply of dispersal madopar which I rarely take.....maybe 2 a month, sometimes not even that.  I think we have to be careful advising people to 'take the drugs' straight away, delaying is not detrimental, in fact, I think the opposite.

my advice to anyone newly diagnosed is to do you're research, if you do take any parkinsons medication, build them up slowly and gently.  Ask family and friends to be honest about and differences in your personality or behaviours.  If you're neuro or nurse wishes to add to you're medication, ask what benefit they will be to you.  

You're body is you're own responsibility and I believe we should all respect what we put into them.

i am 54 been 4 years diagnosed.




hi sharon

Was told by GP that parkinsons dosnt show up on scan been diagnosed 18 month ago  same reply you had .even though had tremor in right arm and leg from before scan .hope that makes sense !!!

I'm confused then as I thought that's what a DaTscan confirms?

My wife had an MRI scan to rule out anything else (Tumours)

A DAT SCAN is the only scan that can show PD mri or CT scanners rule out everything else. 



As i understand it or not i may be wrong in interpretation

 a Datscan is the study of the transport of Dopamine,  within 2 spheres (left&right) within the mid brain, the isotope fluid we are injected with in the test is too highlight the transport & loss of Dopamine giving either a normal or abnormal result. and aiding a diagnosis.

I think dopamine (i might also be wrong) is a natural sugar(also found in fruit ect), the dopamine transports messages within neurons that pass around the brain we use for actions such as movement, and when there is a loss of dopamine these gradually degrade into  degenerative symptoms.