Just though say hello to you all.

Diagnosed with PD 5 years ago while in Italy so we moved back to the UK.

Now working my way through the ESA minefield any advice more than welcome, waiting for medical, 36 weeks so far and counting 


Hi Clifford M

   Welcome to the forum , the benifits system is a nightmare the best advice I can give you is to get help from your local PD support worker fore for form filling and advice ,

   Like your avitar looks like I feel most mornings  lol

         Live well.  Cc

Hi CC,

thanks for the advice had already applied for ESA before I joined,but will speak to local support worker

Applied for PIP and was awarded enhanced care and mobility, that application was a lot easier than ESA.

my pic is me on a good PD day


Hi Clifford there is a guy at parkinsons UK in charge of policy if you have any trouble with your ESA claim he can help. Mine took two applications a formal complaint and a phone call from him then I actually received the impossible an apology from the DWP unheard off. The guy is Phil Reynolds and when you post your application back send it recorded delivery well worth the additional cost good luck BB.

Hi BB.

Thanks for the info however my ESA claim was made last October. Still waiting for medical have chased but told still in queue. Going to call DWP now to see current state of play. Will get in touch with Phil after speaking tp DWP.

Kind Regards 




Hi Clifford,

If you are having trouble with them point out to them your claim is being monitored by Parkinson uk when i put in for pip after a 4 month wait i telephone the DWP weekly and made a point of saying this to them, not only was it true it un nerves them.The lady before Phil told me it was a clever statement to make but as said it was true.

Kind Regards BB.


Aye pretty good !!

At last an appointment for my ESA medical has only taken 13 months cool


Make sure you tell them your ESA claim is being monitored by Parkinsons UK.


Medical completed now the wait?

Don't expect it to be quick!

We'll wait is over Just had the call & I'm fit for workbig grinso they say. 

Waiting for official brown envelope and copy of medical.

Then into battle again




they say 70% of appeals get the original decision over turned I wish you good luck.


Well have sent in my appeal  to the tribunal, has been accepted now the wait coolagain.


Hi All,

had my case heard today with a DWP person in attendance went well not as bad as you think it will be.

My case went overtime so decision will posted have to wait until the post Friday/Saturday.

However the judge managed to extract from the DWP person that due to mistakes  in the medical report  he would accept that I would qualify for ESA through section 29.

So if you are turned down appeal , costs nothing and you have a lot to gain


That's brill Clifford I am pleased to hear that you are not being beaten by or benefits system xx