As you can tell I am a complete novice at this and have failed to find out how to post!  Hence the one word 'Hi'

I was diagnosed with PD some 10 years ago. I am retired now and live with my husband (who is my wonderful carer!) Five weeks ago I suddenly developed severe discomfort/pain in my left leg, starting in the hip but also affecting the knee and shin. After two visits to the GP I am taking NSAIDs for suspected bursitis in the hip and nerve inflammation. There is, as yet, no lessening of the pain. I would welcome comments please.

Unfortunately, I have had to pause the twice weekly NERS scheme exercise classes which I have attended for over a year now, and the music and movement for Parkinsons class - all of which I was doing to try and keep as fit and mobile as possible. I can currently hardly walk at all.


Hi daisymaisy, ask GP if you can see a physio about the pain, I had treatment on my hip for bursitis, it was like a tense machine she used, she found the painful spot then put these electrodes on and around the area, the  relief was sheer bliss, can't remember how many session I had but it really helped. Hope you can get some response from GP, I can relate to the pain you are in and feel for you