High blood pressure (hypertension)

Well I visited the nurse today at my GP as had high blood pressure at home after a random home check.

My BP was through the roof at the GPs was taken twice first time was 191/128 second was 179/116 (Just checked it now down to 154/101) she told the doctor and she seems to think it's down to the co-beneldopa, set up a 24 holster BP check, bloods check and urine test in 2 weeks time, she also advised me to get my eyes tested as they can see if they is a bleed behind them (which I got a cancellation today at the opticians and all is fine with my sight/eyes thankfully).

She has put me on Losartan 50mg 1 tab per day to start immediately which I have.

I know Hypotension (Low blood pressure) can be affected with PD but can High BP? as I can't find anything about it ( http://www.parkinsons.ie/userfiles/file/LeafletNM3.pdf explains LBP) Or has anyone else had the same issue with co-beneldopa raising there BP as my GP thinks is happening?

I never rains but pours!



Many times when I go to my doctor my BP can be very high,possible white coat reaction,LOL

I check mine now every morning and usally its ok,130/80.I do drink coffee and it will cause it to rise some.

Ive reported this to my doctors and they seem to think,no big deal.I do take 5g amobapine bensulate

Ruglar exercise and good diet keeps the BP under control with no side effect

And of course I use a tool from my Dr.Abraham low,distressing but not dangerous to keep a lid on panic



Thanks for the reply John.

Just checked my BP now and it's 141/85 which I gather is acceptable so the tablet a day seems to be helping.

I have cut adding salt to my food and eating alot more healthy salads etc..