High Blood Pressure + Parkinsons Meds


Anyone got high blood pressure and take medication for Parkinson’s?

I’ve been on meds for high BP for years, but not on any Parkinson’s meds at the moment but wondering if they help with blood pressure. I know Parkinson’s can affect the involuntary systems such as blood pressure. My BP has been slowly rising and I’m reluctant to add more meds.

Hi JonJoe,
I have been on blood pressure medication for nearly 25 years and on parkinsons drug for 6 years,I took two pills for my blood pressure and
Madopar and selegeline for pd,however my blood pressure has dropped and I now only take one pill for blood pressure (lozartan),this has only been since January.Hope this info helps.
Cheers Anne D

Hi ANNE29 - What a coincidence me too. I’ve always had high blood pressure then when I started on Parkinsons meds my BP lowered, amazing or what

Hi there, I’ll be watching for any replies as I too have been on high blood pressure meds for years but yet to start on PD meds, best of luck with it

Hi @JonJoe,

Great to see that you’ve already received some responses to your questions. Don’t forget you can always give our helpline a call and speak to one of advisers about this. They have a wealth of knowledge on medication related to Parkinson’s so they can offer you information on this.

Feel free to give them a call 0808 800 0303.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

my mother has high BP for several years and from last year she has PD. She takes her BP medicine daily with PD medicine.