High Blood Pressure

I’ve had mildly elevated high blood pressure for many years. This last year it’s become very high, 170/110 region, despite being on 2 types of BP medication. I always thought Parkinson’s caused low blood pressure. Does anyone else have this, how do you control it?

Hello jonjoe … I have atypical Parkinson’s. I take Ramipril. I also try & eat healthily.
I also don’t drink alcohol or smoke. My BP reading is mostly around 140/90. I also take Amitriptyline for Neuropathy that does reduce BP.

Best of luck.

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Hi JonJoe,

170/110 is incredibly high, and could lead to a stroke.
You must have to seen to urgently.
Only a doc can give you advice on this

Stress can cause high blood pressure and stress remedies may help.
Is their a reason your body is producing high BP ? Ask doc for tests
. I have reduced my BP with exercise and breathing techniques. There are some interesting videos on YouTube on this subject . Try and calm yourself.