High dose of Atorvastatin

Good morning. I am looking for advice. My husband with Parkinson’s had a heart attack 10 days ago and had a stent fitted. He left hospital with 4 more different pills including a box of 80mg atorvastatin pills. He was previously on 5mg. His walking immediately deteriorated to the point he couldn’t walk more than 3 or 4 steps without freezing and losing his balance, even with a stick. It has been a really frightening few days for us. After a little bit of research, i discovered that statins can affect mobility and muscular rigidity in some Parkinson’s patients. So last night he decided not to take the statin and this morning his walking is back to how it was before his heart attack. I know i should have spoken to a professional about this first but he was an accident waiting to happen. I have now emailed his nurse and the coronary care unit. Has anyone else had a similar problem or can advise me? Many thanks