High Dose Thiamine


Over on healthunlocked (Parkinson’s Movement) some people have been reporting good benefits (reduction in tremor/constipation) from High Dose thiamine:


Some of these people had tried Mannitol, with no benefit.

Anyone else tried this?


No tried it. The injections delivered about 30mg thiamine per day. The max rate it can be taken up form the gut is around 5mg perday ( see wiki) so replicating the paper will not be possible DIY.


In conclusion, our study demonstrates that high blood levels of thiamine can be achieved rapidly with oral thiamine hydrochloride. Thiamine is absorbed by both an active and unsaturable passive transport mechanism up to 1500 mg.


A trial with 3 to 8g perday orally had little effect on Alz:

I would be wary of high doses as it shows none-specific binding to several proteins
implicated in soem PDs: eg DJ-1

  • with unknown outcomes.

The Costantini study lasted just two months and the effect of the injections was detected after 1 month. To me that suggests thiamine is increasing the acute effect of L-DOPA… So it is possible it adds to the oxidative stress of DOPA and so might speed up loss of the remaining live neurones. I dont see any evidence for neuroprotection.

However thiamine is esseantial for brain glucose metabolism and its uptake may be impaired in the elderly at gut, bbb and into oxidatively stressed neurones. Perhaps it is worth trying as an enhanced supplement over the 1.5mg pd in mutivitlamin pill. I doubt it will have much effect on neuroprotection its own, but as part of a cocktail of endogenous metabolites it might improve mitochondria .The Wahls Protocol uses such a cocktail, mine is similar.
More reading needed before I decide about adding a modest amount of thiamine to mine cocktail…


But perhaps we have:

Too much calcium may cause Parkinsons:

And then:
Thiamine and oxidants interact to modify cellular calcium stores:


Interesting as Ca and oxidative stress are undoubtedy central to PD and possibly Alz. Thiamine might help ameliorate injury but I’d be careful with dose. Maybe add it to the Wahls Protocol ( high D3 and mitochondrial substrates). Thiamine on its own would still leave many pathological feedbacks running amok.


I am not consistently taking this at the moment as I didn’t find it helped my symptoms (although they are still slight at the moment). However there are a lot of people on Healthunlocked -> Parkinson’s movement are swearing by this.

Still taking a teaspoonful of Mannitol and doing pretty much 40 minutes of intense varied cardiovascular exercise every day.


I understand the interest in B1 and a person with 10 years of Parkinson’s, I would love to believe it is a magic bullet. I cannot find the evidence to back this up unless somebody is deficient in B1 because of Diet. Somebody quoted “weareparky” research. I met them in Rome and told them that their resaerch was having a big impact. They were surprised as they themselves stated it was only usefull in certain circumstances and their “research” was not scientific. So I spoke to the leading authority on this in Rome Fabrizio Stocchi - Again he said that there was no concrete reason or research. I then checked with Dr. Anna Zecchinelli (Milan working with Prof Pezzoli and got the same answer). I am sure that my less than enthusiastic response will be greated with a hail of dismay. I work everyday with Neurologists and people with Parkinson’s (also with Parkinson UK). I will translate what DR Zecchinelli said. She is a Nurologist I hold in high esteme. If it works for you, great, take it and carry on but it should be added that Diet and CORRECT excercise are far more Fundamental.


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I have stopped taking it for now, as I believe fasting and exercise help me more. Also it sounds a little too good to be true. But there are still a large number of those on health-unlocked who swear by this.


There are still a lot of people reporting massive benefits on this on healthunlocked >= Parkinson’s movement.