High pramipexole dose

Hi my name is Martin I am 50 years old, I was diagnosed in July this year I am now taking pramipexole 0.7 mg 3 times a day and I am not finding it to be very effective except it helps slightly with the stiffness in my left arm / hand. I went back my GP and he wrote to the neurologist who said that I could gradually double my medication to 2 x 0.7 - 3 times a day which is more than the usual maximum recommended dose, is anyone else on this amount of pramipexole? Thanks for taking the time to read this and merry Christmas and a happy new year to all
hi martin

the max dose for mirapexin is 3.15mg / day which = 1.5 tablets x 0.7mg x 3 times a day

total 4.5 tablets x 0.7mg / day.

I would not exceed this dose personally and you need to be monitored for potential side effects ie OCD behavioural problems

I personally took in excess of the max dose for 5 years, over 2 years on 12 x 0.7 a day = 8.4mg. Not a good idea!

My opinion:

Stay within the max dose and if you need more ask for sinemet or madopar to be added
Hi leyther thanks for your reply I thought it was too high a dose but wasn't 100 % as there is two different amounts ie 0.7 mg = 1 mg salt so didn't know for sure if 4.5 max was the tablets max or the salt max. I am due to see the neurologist in January I will talk to him about it then.
Hi, I'm on Pramipexole. I take 3 x 0.35mg x 3 times a day. I've been gradually increasing at my own rate since June/July this year. It reduces my rigidity, bradykinesia and freezing. It is just starting to wear off quicker and this is apparently the maximum that can be taken of the 0.35mg. So when I speak to my consultant I'll see what he suggests. My diagnosis was only confirmed in August this year. So, I have been making a conscious effort to not increase my medication too quickly.
Hi kf73 thanks for your reply so your on the maximum recommended dose.I found that 0.7 mg 3 times a day wasn't very effective. At the moment I am on 1 x 0.7 and 1 x 0.18 three time a day and my gp ( under the neurologist advice ) wants me to gradually increase to 2 x 0.7 mg if needed and I am unsure if 2 x 0.7 is too risky, regards martin
Hi mrn307
In one year I increased my mirapexin to 22.62 mg a day.the side effects were worsted than the Parkinson's.it also stopped me driving dizzy all the while and dropping to sleep all of a sudden.today I've started om co beneldopa anyone know the side effects.they came in a labeled bottle from the chemist with no instructions z, bbb
dear potter64130 thanks for the reply you were on a very high dose I have never heard of a dose so high before no wonder you suffered very bad side effects hopefully the new meds will suit you better regards martin
Hi to all I am now on 1 x 0.7 and 2 x 0.18 and I am finding my left hand tremor seems to be getting worse and also I feel more shaky in my legs and my right arm, I am not sure if my pd is getting worse or could it be the medication causing me this, thanks martin
Hi all just to update you, I should of seen the neurologist on monday 21st of january but it was cancelled because of the snow, just my luck and I haven't got a new date yet.
Hi. My name is Glyn am 609 years old. I was diagnosed with Parkinsoins in 2003 and took early retirement in 2004. I take Mirapexin modified release tablet dosage of 3.15mg once a day. To supplement the Mirapexin I also take Madopar CR tablets at the rate of 2 tablets 5 times a day. To give a a start in the mornings I also take Madopar 50mg/12.5mg dispersable Tablets (2 in water) as soon as I get up (6.00am).
The above give me an acceptable quality if life with little of the expected side effects. My major problem is balance, sudden onset of chronic fatigue but no tremor.
I also have a supply of Sinamet on presciption which I can use as needed (ie in the event I am going to do something physical such as bowls) or the fatigue hits.
So far everything is OK but the Parkinsons is progressing slowly. A positive attitude and I can do it philosophy helps.
Not sure where I go next with drug treatment.
You still have more options available so use them to give you the best possible life now
Sorry but not 609 but I meant 69
Hi Glyn thanks for the reply and the good advice, I rang the neurologist's p.a. Friday afternoon and she says that they are setting up some Saturday clinics starting the 9th of February so I hopefully I will be seen soon and get myself sorted out with my medication. Martin
I went to see the neurologist today he is concerned that my medication isn't working very well and has recommended that I see a different specialist for a second opinion to see what they think. In the meantime after much discussion I have reluctantly ( as I wanted to put off levodopa until later on )agreed to add madopar 50mg-12.5mg I have been given a 2 week trial on the medication.
Hi all, the neurologist told me to take 1 62.5 madopar 3 times a day would you recommend that I take them at different times to my pramipexole or at the same time, I didn't think to ask and at the moment I am taking them all at the same time, thanks martin