High temp and restlessness

Hi all, I have been trying very hard to smarten up and have a healthy lifestyle, by eating well, taking regular exercise and learning to relax. This has gone along quite well but then yesterday I came down with a sore and swollen throat and it has knocked mr for six. I fel like I’m jumping a bout every where, temp is reading 100.5 and I feel so crap any ideas on what to try next

Hi newdidit,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling poorly.

We have a lot of information about how to mange Parkinson’s this winter which include advice on how prevent and treat the flu, here.

If you’re still feeling poorly, you can contact the NHS helpline for advice on 111 if you live in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland or 0845 4647(NHS Direct) if you live in Wales. Alternatively, you can contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our advisers for more help and support.

I hope you feel better soon.

Many thanks,