Hints for holiday

leaflet says Dont get constipated,but not what to do when it happens
Dont wait until youare in a carpetted hotel room with white fluffy towels to findeout about faecal impaction.!Be prepared-take plastic sheet,incontinence pants,towel and pack of moist toilet tissues.not pleasantbut I wish I'd known ealier.Would haveprevented nightmare holiday
Have you tried Movicol??
Any hint to stop or reduce sweating mostly during night ? I wake up almost in a puddle. need urgent advice as going away for awwk # combined holiday and attending family weddind . I have tried everything.
Hi Kay,

Big spoon Honey with spoon of cider vinegar and little water in the mornings is brill to keep things moving, also eat tinned pineapples , you should find this very helpful to avoid constipation.

and lots of multiseeded wholemeal bread. Drink plenty of fluids during day, especially in hot weather.
The only advice I can think of for the sweating problem is : put some towelling (large towel or actual sheet made of it) in bed to absorb some of the moisture. Most hotelbeds have mattress protectors with impermeable layer, so do not worry about that too much. Although this can increase the sweating too....like hospital beds.
hi kay ,wot meds u on,im on sinemet and mirexpeon now,but i was on stavelo and those r the ones that made me so consipated,just a thought.take carex:smile:
Stalevo and constipation? Aha, maybe that's where my problem lies...