Hip replacement

I am an overseas member I live in France.
3 weeks ago after a hip exercise with my physio therapist, I couldn't walk the following day, the pain shoots in as soon as I put my weight on my right leg.
I had exrays done, my doctor said I needed an operation. Arthrose.
I am on anti inflamatoires but even with this treatment I can't walk.
I am 70 and was diagnosed 3 years ago.
Is there someone who have had a similar operation? similar problems?
I am so worried.
Dear Louise,

I am to have a hip replacement operation done on 8th Dec and three months or so after that the other hip is to be replaced. I can completely understand the pain you are going through, I have morphine patches and take diclofenac tablets 3 times daily and to tell the truth they hardly touch the pain. I have been like this for years but glad the operation is not long off. I walk (if you can call it walking) with 2 sticks in the house but have to use wheelchair if going out. I hope you get some ease soon.

All the very best to you
Radz x
Dear Radar
Tks so much for your reply
I take the same painkillers 3 times a day like you but they don't help either.
I walk with a rolater in side the house, since a week
I haven't been out since these pains started except I had to go for exrays and this was in a wheel chair too.
Are you a man or a woman ?
Do you live alone ?
Suppose not, as we are so helpless.
I feel so tense, can't relax.
My husband is very good and understanding.
Do you see a physio therapist?
I must make an appointment with an orthopedist, waiting to feel a bit better so I can go without a wheelchair.
I don't want to show my despair.
Dear Louise,

I was out to for my pre op assessment on Wednesday past and that was the first time out of the house since my daughters’ wedding on 3rd September. I just can’t do it anymore to painful. I am female (now I have blown my cover), married with 3 grown up children 2 boys 1 girl. and grandmother to 4 grand children.
I am also very lucky to have a wonderful, kind husband who is very understanding of my situation.

I have been in pain for so long, have learnt to handle it my way. I would go in the wheelchair, no good trying to make out you are better than you really are and I would only have gentle physio, because when I did go I felt worse after instead of better, but then every person is different to how they react to exercise.

Don’t be pushing yourself to hard, take it easy and be kind to yourself. I am hoping after my operations I will be the new woman everyone tells me I will be.

Please take care and keep in touch.

All the very best to you Louise.

Radz x