Hip Surgery and Parkinsons

ok, worst nightmare I can think of. Mum has fallen having suffered with postural hypotension for a few weeks, shes fractured her hip and had surgery. However her parkinsons symptoms seem to have got worse. has anyone undergone major surgery and managed to recover sufficiently to return home?



Hi Sparkle,

i went through this a couple of years ago. My surgery was planned so I agreed with my neurologist to slightly increase my dose of stalevo for a few weeks beforehand and a few weeks after the surgery. One issue that did arise was getting my parkinsons drugs on time. I ended up taking control of the parkinsons drugs myself and left the hospital staff to look after the pain control drugs.

i must say the entire experience was miserable and I ended up on large doses of antibiotics which left me feeling wretched for several months.  

I hope your mum makes a full recovery