Hip surgery and pd

Hip replacement and very early PD diagnosis

Having hip surgery next week just a few weeks after PD diagnosed, no medication as yet and only noticable sign is minor left hand tremor .Any advice experience

Have an epidural quicker recovery from operation had one with both mine no sickness or anything

So I am 8 weeks now post total hip replacement and everything as gone ok , no pain from day one and I’m not any any medication now , still struggling on one crutch but managing good walks and simple exercises .
PD wise had initial telephone conversation with my appointed nurse who agreed to wait a while for my recovery from hip op to be established . So not on any PD meds as yet ( diagnosed in Feb ) agreed as I am wary about side effects whilst using crutch and obviously unsteady on one good leg.
Confused and unsure what are PD symptoms or post op , I do have a mild left hand tremor ( I know that’s not hip related ) but struggle sleeping which I never did prior to op ( 8 weeks ago ) appetite has returned and feel a lot better myself , awaiting my next conversation with PD nurse soon .Good luck everyone.