Hip surgery

I have recently discovered that I am going to need hip replacement
At the moment I can’t do any exercises as it’s to painful
I have heard that the waiting time is very long
As I have PD could I get seen sooner?

Hello jedwardsmith750
I wish I could answer your question but I simply don’t know although I suspect not unless maybe your mobility is being severely adversely affected because you are using compensatory movements (ie using your spine and body poorly but which allows you to move ) and which could perhaps be seen as being detrimental to any existing mobility problems because of your Parkinson’s which may be seen to put you at increased risk of falls etc. (Sorry that turned into a very long sentence you can draw beeath now lol ) Hope you can follow my thinking there it’s not easy to explain. However it is only a thought I don’t actually know. It’s probably best to find out locally. Maybe your GP could tell you general waiting times or you may be able to find out about your local area on the internet. I hope your wait isn’t too long and that your surgery is successful when it does happen so you can get your life with Parkinson’s back on track.
My best wishes to you