Hitting people accidntly with dyskinesia


I often hit people accidently in crowds with my walking stick and dyskinesia causes it and stress makwes it worse.

I was arrested  last week forvdoing exactlyn this on a demonstration where my stick - allegedly - hit a police fficer. i was wondering if any one else has had experience of involuntary hitting peopme - esp on crowded trains also if anyone knowssomeone who might give evidence in general on dyskinesia



hi lanto - if you have a parkinsons nurse then try contacting her and explain your problem see if she can help. you out, or download some paperwork on dyskinesia to take with you or phone the helpline


regards sheila


Having just spent the evening in the local police station - does anyone have experience of hitting people due to the side-effects of stalevo and/or neupro and/or madopar?