Hitting people with your fist

Having just spent the evening in the local police station - does anyone have experience of hitting people due to the side-effects of stalevo and/or neupro and/or madopar?

hello turnip...hitting people whilst on madapar..no...were you drinking any alcohol at the time?....or was the person you hit?...

Perfectly sober. Don't touch the stuff. Think neupro patches may be causing anger problem solving. Going to plead guilty but insane.
By the way I am normally a very quit reasonable person
This is serious by the way

Hi Turnip

Sorry about your predicament. It's been making me think and I don't know if there is any value in what I concluded, or who you can talk to to see if there is any validation but here goes. Please bear with me through the waffle.

I don't know about pd meds as still being considered but I also have epilepsy and although I prefer to control it through avoiding triggers it did get bad enough where I gave in and tried the meds for a while. One of the meds side effect s was to really louse up emotions and made me go really weird, I lived on the edge of hysterics all the time I took it, nearly a year. It nearly wrecked my marriage and all. Researching it I found it was nicknames the angerdrug and was even taken into consideration if you ended up in court because of what it does to you.

I don't know if pd meds can do the same sort of thing, but they are doing things to the brains chemistry and I know some can cause compulsive behaviour, so it would be interesting to know if you can find out if the meds have any reputation and if you can get them considered by the powers to be.

I don't know how you can find out though, maybe the helpline would be worth a visit.

Take care

Hi Turnip, 

Do you think it would help to talk to someone here (at PUK) about this? Do you need some advice?  

I can look in to seeing how we can best support you. 


Thanks katc. Getting medical, legal and psychological advice. But might be useful to know of others with rage problems and neuro. Thanks again

Hi Turnip,

It's great to hear that you're getting different types of advice, I hope you'll find it helpful. 

I will pass your request to the team to see how they can help.

Take care,


Moderation Team

Hi Turnip

Glad you are gettin support. It's really scary when you feel your mind and body is not under your own control for a while. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

Take care

Hello old  friend, im  sorry  you  have  had trouble with the  sweeny ,  I  have had  very  severe  Dyskie attacks

and  have  stabbed myself in my  cheek but  all  the  anger  is  diverted  inward and  stored  for  later  use and  I need  industrial  strength  goggles or  my  eyes  will  suffer, I  hope  all  is ok with  you my  friend  I  am  now  going  to  post  on  the OCB  thread as  its  there  I  will explain my  absence

                                                        Best  wishes         FED

morning turnip..apologies if i seemed to be speaking out of term ,i asked if you were in a social situation and if alcohol was involved to see why you reacted in order to understand your situation as ive not heard of that reaction before ,and maybe to learn from it...hope things worked out ok after all said and done .

Thanks, especially fed. I pleaded guilty and the neuro was cited as relevant. Fortunately we have a very humane and wise magistrate and I have no conviction. Cheers
Sorry to hear about this , i hope you get sorted in past i have read your threads and you sound like a strong person so I'm sure you will find away to get back to normatively

it was very scary. but also an interesting experience.

one important lesson is dont call the police if you commit a crime.