Hiya, I'm back,

Hiya, It’s been a long time but I’m back, at least for a bit anyway! A lot has happened since I was last on here! I was crazy enough to have another baby, he’s called Harry and he’s now almost 14 months :kissing_heart: The pregnancy was not easy, by any stretch, it was so difficult, having to come off my meds, luckily not all of them, thankfully I was on Sinemet and I was told that was the safest medication to be on! But thankfully, all went well and Harry was born last November, weighing a healthy 6lb 14oz! He’s hard work but I love him to bits! :heart::blue_heart:


Congratulations !!

Annie :slight_smile:

Congratulations x

Thank you so much x

Congratulations BLONDIE 2928
What an inspiration you are. Within the past two years I have become a Granny. First will be two in March, second is 4 months old.I am so cross that Parkinson’s, again, is wrecking my life! I can’t do for those babies, the things other grannies take for granted
Good Luck Blondie’ Enjoy your children.

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Lin, thank you!
It’s hard work especially when my meds have worn off, like right now, Harry’s running riot and I’m doing my bloody hardest to try and settle him down, he’s so naughty and he knows it, even at 14 months! It’s much harder in the day, especially when I’m on my own, when my bf is at work and my daughters are at school and work and I have to try and change his nappy or feed him, although that’s a bit easier now he feeds himself.
It’s been one hell of a journey that’s for sure.
I feel the same way about pd ruining my life, I’ve had it since I was 15-16 years old, I feel like my life was stolen from me, I didn’t ask for this and certainly not so young, I wish it hadn’t descended on me until I’d had the chance to enjoy a bit more of my life. I’m 1 of 8 and often wonder why it was me that was chosen to have this! But I do have it and I have to live with it. No matter how tiring, I have to keep going! Xxx

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Hi @blondie2928, :wave:

Welcome back to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with @Lin, you are a true inspiration and I’m sure you give many people with Parkinson’s a lot of hope. Please don’t be a stranger and I look forward to seeing more of you on the forum.

Best wishes,

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How wonderful to have a little one, mine are grown and have fled the nest… it’s a precious time, it flies so quick, congratulations.

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Thanks all.

Jules, it is nice to have a little terror running around, he is hard work, but I wouldn’t change anything about him. My older 2, both girls, are 18 and 15 and they idolise him, x

Reah, thank you, I do plan on staying here for a while x

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Congratulations :blue_heart:

Congratulations xxxxx. Bet you are an amazing mum !
inspiration x

Julez and Cm, thank you both so much x

Welcome back! Such an inspirational lady xx