past times wot are ur favorite things to do?:smile:

i like to do me hangin baskits ,i get a kick out of makin erm from stratch:smile:i love me laptop,chattin to me friends:smile::wink:i likes all sorts of music:smile:,i likes to visit old houses,and castles ,the history behind erm:smile:
Hi Ali ,
Nice topic ! I love to read - like autobiographies, books about places I'd like to go to. Like chattin on phone to friends. Most relaxing thing i 'm doing when not at work, is making jewellery from Fimo clay - am addicted to bead making !

I love my hanging baskets and pots, reading, crosswords, quizzes, messing around on the computer, playing with my grandchildren, visiting castles and stately homes, watching the sea. (especially when it is rough) jigsaws, nattering with friends,
The things I usedd to love -theatre going, swimming, sailing, reading,. All gone by the board now(sorry, feeling a bit sorry for myself today) Alij you do pose somee good questions
Hi Annebernadette, and all,

It sounds like you could use some new hobbies. Have you tried checking out groups near you, that might be posted here on the net for something new? The others sound like they have lots of fun making jewelry. I've a friend here, who loves it. she then sells it, and donates the money to the sister's charities to help feed the poor. I sew, making quilts, and some of my clothes, dresses for my 3 granddaughters. If you wanted to learn to quilt (its easy sewing) you could find a group near you....and start with pillows, or baby quilts.
Sorry you are feeling down today....I h ave days like that now, too....but have to pick myself up....and push on....maybe a call to a friend, or someone new from one of those hobby sites....give it a try and let us know how you make out.

My o/h just inherited a stationary bike & treadmill. I am sure he wants me to start using them as soon as they are set up, as he's worried about my walking, like I am. He will use them too. We care......:laughing::flushed::wink::exclamation:
Good thread this.

I like to watch rugby league. I go to watch the Leeds Rhinos. When im feeling a bit down i blast my heavy metal out. You cant beat a bit of AC/DC, metallica, iron maiden, judas priest.
Van Morrison works for me espeecially Brown Eyed Girl
i forgot to put ilove all sort of sports,can do me runnin no more,i used to do crosscountry,track ,marahons,county ,nationals,englishschool,rite up until 2003,but now i love footy ,rugby ,formula1,moter cross ,well everything that is sports minded.:smile:god imiss me running sorry :disappointed:
i used to do running and cycling but had to give up due to tendinitis - have often wondrerd if that was early symptom of pd?
am now into wii table tennis as we have bought the wii motion plus which makes the games very realistic. unfortunately got beaten by 8 year old yesterday.
occassionaly have headphones on for led zeppelin etc.very theapeutic. tho have also taking a liking for bach religious music tho not religious. i have trouble with visual things so stopped watching telly and sports and more into audio. reading is too much hard work, think i need to try audio books.
find myself easily emotional (think due to drugs) so will be missing out on toy story 3 as i would make a complete **** of myself. got to first 15 minutes of Up before excusing myself.
off to sunny wales to splash about in the azure sea. am taking wet suits for everyone and hypothermia kit.
I like to listen music while I am free.
Music relieves the great day's tension and even stress in a person, listening to music is healthy and tends to break the silence in an environment, too songs are educative, encouraging and comforting.
I also like doing the hanging baskets and pots, crosswords used to go regular to the gym also play badminton but not now:disappointed:
I played the guitar. Very bedly - it was a labour of love. Nobody else misses me playing the guitar, only me

I played football. It didn't make the news when I hung up my boots. Still I used to bust some moves warming up as a potential substitution, my yogic worshipping of the sun used to put the frightners right up the opposition, and they don't like it up em captain mainwaring.

I don't really miss 'looking for my ball' other call it golf. Or feeding the fish (angling).

They were all things I thought I liked at the time. I like other things now.

Shouting at the TV using the Lee Silverman Technique.
Spouting a lot of rubbish in a forum.
Not falling down.
Laughing at people hanging out their dirty laundry on Jezza Kyle.
Fighting for me 'uman rights'
Taking my sweet time on public transport, getting money out my pocket.
Having a laugh at people trying to sell me stuff on the phone (pretending to be deaf or asking them to hold on while I get my wife then wait to see how patient they are (3mins BHU is my record - BHU=Before Hang Up)

I might not move as much as I did, but there is a party in my head most of the day.
I can still play pool. Damned well actually. I have enormous cunning.Only thing is I often try a difficult shot when a sensible one would do. cause i am a terrible show off. theres nothing i like better than lining up a shot and seeing a look of bewilderment in the oppositions face -what the (exp del) is he doing? if i comes of shear heaven if not i look a complete (exp del) but its worth it. Aren't men pathetic?
i've just bought my daughter a second hand clarinet. as soon as i've finished with it she can have a go. alas the left hand is in a different time zone from the right.
or its more like the left hand is on jupiter with 10g of gravity and 45 minute delay.
i never watch tv or films or sport, because the effort is to much - my visual processing is, i think, down the toilet. i rarely read books. i prefer writing,but my keyboard skills are deteriorating down to one hand.
i spend most of my time mowing a big ozzy couch grass yard with a pom sized mower.