I posted about this elsewhere but fear it may have got lost in the busy traffic so hope it leaps to some-one`s attention here.  The OT has suggested that my OH needs an H track ceiling hoist so that it will switch from bedroom to bathroom.  OH doesn`t walk and only stands briefly.  I am looking for advice on what it should enable us to do seeing as how this is a progressive problem and we hope this will be our last big adaptation.

With many thanks


we had ceiling hoist fitted Over the bed and one in the lounge over Johns chair . we wouldn't manage without either now . you soon get use to having them in the house ours are not fixed to wall or ceiling they are free standing . we first retried a standing hoist but I found it too heavy to use . 

Thank you Johnnie

We have a similar free standing system to yours and it is a great help.  The OT`s suggestion now if for us to have a ceiling fixed hoist that will go round corners to get OH from bedroom into bathroom and onto the loo.  We will still have one in the living room to get him from his chair into a wheel chair but we know we may have to have a bed in the living room and this will necessitate a ceiling hoist with a junction in it..

I had hoped that some-one on the forum would have experience of these and so would be able to tell me if there were other aspects I should be aware of.  The OT wanted me to think ahead so that she could arrange the installation once and have it suitable for the future whatever that might bring.

Perhaps my biggest problem is reluctance to imagine too far ahead as life is hard enough already.  I will cope but I don`t want to cross bridges before I get to them.

Thanks for your post.  All the best to you and John.