Holby city tv

featuring pd compulsive behaviour ie drinking,shopping 3/06/14 .8.00pm bbc 1

Thanks Gus i will catch up on iplayer as Mr Dollys watching Springwatch!!!!!

should be interesting ay?

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no problem dolly

Hi all

We've posted a web story with links for those who want more information on this website at parkinsons.org.uk/holbycity. It would be good to hear what you thought of the show. 


Saw the last 30 minutes only so I may have missed details of the meds involved.  Fair enough to cover compulsive behaviour but why blame levadopa when I understood it was the dopamine agonists that are linked with this.  Did this concern anyone else?

i thought the program was really good,really high lighted pd,  i went through the same compulsive drinking i was on pramipexole but all people react different i also thought it had good air time for once,also gave pd helpline at end of show this was good !


Our information sheet on impulsive and compulsive behaviour lists this behaviour as a potential side effect of levodopa as well as dompaine agonists. 




It was great to see a bit more awareness raised of Parkinson's. And we want as many people as possible who need it, to know about the helpline.

In case anyone's wondering, you can find out more at parkinsons.org.uk/helpline.

Ezinda Thank you. My experience was being warned about the agonists when I began taking them at 45. These have been scaled back as the Sinemet began with much less concern raised over levodopa having similar risks to the agonists that early onset pwps often start off with.

Yep, Gus, it's on the insert. 

I must admit, i sat up and watched it, it was on later in Scotland (I spent ages trying to spot the obsessive impulsive/compulsive early onsetter, prof Nigel, dr jack, and trying to work out why the copper jut of eastenders was now a social worker from Glasgow. 

Then I realised ( sometime between the credits rolling and happy valley) that I had been treated to an episode of river city and not holby city as advertised on this web site.  You forgot the disclaimer.: except for viewers in Scotland. We've not got independence yet, 

anyway I watched it, blinked and almost missed it.  I preferred the portrayal given by daisy on doctors a few months back. Her character had a tremor (activated belatedly when the cameras were on her) (I swear I heard the director yell "c'mon daisy -Shake it like a Polaroid picture"), theived from charity, and could go a skateboard. Her character was sorted by the district nurse who correctly diagnosed her behaviour was due to a side effect of her current medication. The nurse, barely out of nappies himself, then suggests a change of meds.   Far more technically accurate than the beebs holby offering. 

I agree, Kendo.

But it was a drama not an info video.

Admittedly Levadopa causes OCDs in about 7%of patients rather than 1 in 3 on a therapeutic dose of DAs and 1 in 2 of men under 50.

However my main concern was that the prog implied that there was no treatment for it whereas there are drugs that help and CBT to help overcome the compulsions.


I was rushing about doing other stuff while Holby was on so probably missed bits of the parkinson's plot line. I thought it was a reasonably accurate treatment of the subject. In the bit I saw they blamed "parkinson's meds" rather than dopamine agonists or levadopa specifically. That seems like a good way of keeping the script easy to understand and hard to sue.