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I have just returned from a last minute short break. Usually we plan well in advance and arrange for at least one days rest up for me following the travelling to the destination. Was not really possible this time, though still used airport assist both ways.
In the 4 days away I never really got over the fatigue of travelling and my slow unsteady walking was worse than normal. Only went over to Europe so not a long travelling time about 4 hours all in with standing queing and flying etc.
I know I was holding up others in the group and my loving and very supportive wife suggested that before our next long trip in May 2020 that why don’t we look at a stroller or wheelchair to help me. Not for everyday use but for those days that I am struggling or we have long day excursions planned. I am not sure I like this idea but do know that over the last 3 years I have gone from walking at least 3 to 4 miles a day, to on a good day managing about 6,000 steps without being totally wiped out with pain and stiffness.
I probably know the answer but I am after some advice, do I struggle on or do I go for a stroller or wheelchair, I already use Nordic poles to aid my walking.

Should have put it in better context usually only manage 2,500 to 3,000 steps per day. Our holidays usually had a lot of walking , hillwalking anything upto 10 miles per day in the week away.

Take the chair.
Family holiday to Bulgaria.
I was dead against it(I’ll be fine, don’t need it, no way) no chair for me.
Long to short - out of nowhere actually yes I will and arranging it was so easy. Used assisted travel with it and it was great service.
Felt weird at first but so glad I did.
Didn’t hold anything/anyone up by slowness or freezing.
I would definitely take it again.
Oh just one small point prepare to be the designated bag carrier :joy::joy:

Thanks for sharing your views and how it felt awkward at first but you are glad you did. Oh well, I guess it is like asking for airport assistance I was dead against that and there was no way I was going to given, however 5 holidays and 3 buisness trips I wouldn’t have it any other way :sunglasses:
So it’s back to being the bag carrier again :joy::joy:.


I would also say take the chair/stroller. I am sure you will be glad you did. My Husband with PD is at a similar stage. We recently went to Malta and he found it more difficult that last holiday abroad. Like you he was managing up to 3 miles before, I have been trying to gradually get him to thinking about having some sort of aid. His retort is “its the slippery sloop”. I can understand how it is difficult to accept you need that little extra help. Look upon it as a way to achieving what you want to do & enjoy the holiday.

My hubby currently uses 1 stick but looks not safe to me. How do you get on with your Nordic poles?

Best wishes

Hello Sheila, thank you for your response it has added to what I have been thinking. As hard as it is I have finally admitted to myself that my quality of life is more important to me than the dread I feel of giving in and using a chair when its necessary.

Decided on a chair because as well as having mr parky, I have also got degenerative disk disease which is causing me more pain & discomfort. I am still going to use my Nordic poles as much as I can which did I found took awhile to get use to but is more comfortable I have found than using just one hiking stick, though I do still use one stick sometimes, usually when I go up to the main office in London, which is more of pride thing and not wanting colleagues know how bad I really am :thinking:

I found the Nordic poles help me to walk more upright and I have less of a wobble and feel a lot more in control. I hate this condition as it is so unpredictable and unfair.

As I do want achieve more still and have more holidays, so we went out today and looked at various chairs and I think we have found one that is going to be suitable. Before I get it I am going to speak with my PD nurse to check it is suitable.

How was Malta, by the way we have often thought of going there but have not done so yet.

Wishing you and your hubby all the best and many more holidays. Thanks for your views they have been helpful.

Best wish John :sunglasses:

Hello John
Good luck with deciding on a chair. It is sometimes difficult deciding on equipment, we have on few occasions jumped in and got stuff that really we should have given more thought too but Its a real steep learning curve and I suppose we will learn as we go along. My hubby would emphasize with you not wanting colleagues to see, as you say, how bad you are. Mine will let his stick just hover in front of him, which scares me as worry he will trip over it, but in his mind I suppose he’s saying “look I don’t really need this thing!”

We enjoyed Malta apart from the buses being very busy (better to hire a car if you can cope with somewhat mad drivers!). Sadly in most places, at least in more built up areas, it looks like a building site with all the cranes around!. That’s progress I suppose but I find it sad that places have got like that and so busy. One thing its taught us is to really re-look at what type of holidays in future we take, more planning defiantly, although I thought we had covered most things in a military like precision!. I keep saying we will get to places as there is always a way round any obstacles.

Sorry for long post, once I get started!..Nice to chat to you & all the best to you.


Hello all and especially @jps1926. We’re recently back from holiday and acquired and used a sunflower lanyard at Manchester Airport as you’d suggested and it was brilliant, made all the difference, so thank you. The staff at Manchester Airport were clearly well trained and discreetly helpul too. I thought my husband would be reluctant to wear it, make his disability less hidden(!) but he was prepared to give it go and the positive experience helped us both.

Seems holiday experiences are pretty similar. My husband’s balance is poor and he’s at the point of using one or two walking poles on holiday depending on terrain. He walks without aids at home but has had a couple of nasty falls.

Certainly we’ll need to do more planning for next year too as my husband was unable to use the bath or shower over the bath in one hotel as it had very steep sides and absolutely nothing to hold onto. He uses a shower and a bath at home so we hadn’t anticipated the problem and the first hotel was fine, large walk-in shower with marble seat!

Re. Malta, we love it and last went 2 years ago but couldn’t believe all the new building going on since our previous visit. We did use the buses as there’s a good bus service but it was very difficult for my husband when very crowded so we learned to avoid busy times, or to keep walking if the bus looked full.

We agree, make use of all the aids needed to keep going on holiday as long as you wish. :grinning:

Hello Sheila,
I know what you mean about jumping in, I guess we have all done that on our journey with trying to understand Mr parky and his strange way of intereferring with our plans.

Glad you liked Malta and I guess it is one of those things about progress that there is so much building works. We generally look for a beach or city break as a short break so Malta still on the list for its history. Planning, Claire would probably say I do to much of that but I did that before Parky. Agree though there is always away round most things. We both like cruising and have found that it still enjoyable and the staff are always willing to help anyone.

I will post about the chair and how useful I found it after I have got one and taken it on holiday. Nice chatting with you too - best wishes John :sunglasses:

Hello Mountainair,
Glad your OH tried the sunflower lanyard and you both had a positive experience with using it on your latest holiday.

Yeah planning ahead is something needed to get the right facilities like a walk in shower, we find using our local travel agent invaluable as Cheryl knows what we like and need and usually manages to find us at least 5 or 6 choices for the area we are after. Also with our cruises which we enjoy we know where we want to go and when but we go through Cheryl as travel agents have different to call and seem to get through quicker than we can and gets all our assistance needs we ask for sorted out. Best bit they always try and price match internet prices or get very close to them.
I agree keep on holidaying and making memories for as long as you can :sunglasses:

Best wishes to you both and keep planning… John

Decided to get a chair currently enjoying some winter sun in Lanzarote. It’s been great so far, when I am feeling good I have pushed it and kept up with the pace so everyone is :sunglasses:. Best investment for getting around and having a great relaxing time. Thanks for the suggestion I am now more relaxed and enjoying myself. Not been laden down to many times yet :joy::rofl::joy:

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Hello! Very jealous here but glad to know you’re enjoying the winter sun & the chair is working out well. Sunny days :sunglasses:

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