Holiday help?

Hi, my dad has had pd for many years and its at the stage that I don't think he will know me & mum this time next year. His existence is miserable to be honest, no matter how hard we try.

Dad says he wants to go on holiday. We can't go far. I have been looking for a hotel that is sympathetic to the situation. Ive found a few websites that advertise them but they are really just selling rooms and arent disability specific. There are many that have disabled access but I'm looking for a little more than that. A hotel and staff who accept our situation. The Lake District OT Northumberland would be ideal.

Can anyone recommend or offer any advice as I would love to take mum n dad away for potentially their last holiday, infact I would walk over hot coals to take them.

Please help.

Helen x
Try googling it Helen I have seen one advertised but for the life of me can't remember where.
Have you tried ?

Sorry if I am suggesting the obvious.
Hi Helenj02 and welcome to the forum

When my husband was at a similar stage I gave up on hotels or B&Bs and instead found really nice self-catering places. Made sure there was a dishwasher, washer/dryer, accessible shower and W.C and used good ready meals so that I wasn't slaving over 'ot stove. Also tried to be near a pub so we went out to eat sometimes as well.

It meant we weren't tied to a hotel's meal times etc and, much as I love staying hotels, I found it altogether more relaxing.

Admittedly it was just the two of us - if I had had another person with me it might have been different but it is an alternative you could consider. There are some really lovely self-catering places now, although you do have to search to find just then right place for someone like your father.

Very best of luck. Your parents are lucky to have someone like you.

Hi Helen. You may not be aware of the Mali Jenkins (PDS founder) fund.

Apart from helping PWP with home adaptations and equipment, they also provide respite breaks for sufferers and carers.

Its worth looking into.

Good luck in your quest. :sunglasses:
Hi Helen.

I read about this is the press very recently. I Googled and I think this is it.
Not just an hotel with disabled facilities but one where there is an element of 'care' should it be required.

www parkhousehotel org uk

Insert dots as usual. It run by the Leonard Cheshire charity.
Hi Benji

You could try this site I have stayed several times at the Minehead Hotel in Devon and Cowbridge in South Wales run by John Grooms charity with my 96 year old mother and also at their Llandudno Hotel where she had an unexpected but rather catastrophic "accident" (sorry foks but I wanted to show how understanding they were ). The soiled linen disappeared and was replaced without comment. They did not do care but gave you local contacts if you need help. I'd like to tell you of one organisation to steer clear of which charged an arm and leg and were dreadful, which seemed to be run mainly to provide jollies for the volunteers but........... There is or used to be a comprehensive directory of accessible holidays but how useful that might be is debateable as you have already found.
Hi Eileen.....was it all a bit of a 'saga' that you had on holiday?

If it was, I totally agree with your sentiments!
Hi all,
The helpline team has suggested an additional resource that you might try for supported holidays.

You can find it here:

I hope it helps,
Hi Pokermid,

I won't risk being deleted by giving the only clue I can think but sadly I am not suprised to hear there's more than one outfit like this.
Thanks everyone. I've also found Leuchie House in North Berwick which sounds ideal!