Holiday Home in the Dales (opening up again)

Those of you who have followed this thread
will know its not a House but a Static Caravan instead
Well im back again having survived the winter and the cold biting gales
as well as running over myself the last time at my “Holiday Home in the Dales"

I am on my own again, and fortunate to say
I am still independent and trust it stays that way
No wife by my side with one eye on progress
I can work at my own pace, no need for any stress

Don’t get me wrong we love each other dearly
After 51 years together you can see that quite clearly
but if there is one thing that does frustrate
Seeing me struggle in the slow lane, cos she is my Solemate.

I turned the water back on then checked the heating
No problems, no leaks or heavy sighs, no bleating
The boiler fired up first time and I soon had hot water
Apart from a few dead flies to hoover up, things were in good order

Its always a worry coming the first time each year
Not knowing what you will find when you get here
To be fair this winter was not bad weather wise
to find it in good order was not a surprise

Its now been cleaned from top to bottom and ready to be Inspected
I have done my best but if I have missed anything it will be detected
Not long now before the start of fly fishing season
My next visit will probably be for that reason

I do hope you have enjoyed my three little tales.
Sent with love from my Holiday Home in the Dales


Good to hear you live life to the fullest. You know Imo part of staying married is giving each other space, free time, doing things you like and letting your spouse do the same. You check in with each other daily. It is short term apart though.
Give those trout a good go when they start running. Sound s fun! Tom

malcT that made me smile, happy holidays in your caravan!

Thanks sheffy, you too, Roro.
I know you have read all three tales
Keep smiling.:slightly_smiling_face:
Mal .

Hi @Omahatom
Im not sure if you are familiar with the Dales over here Tom but they are in Yorkshire.
Its a beautiful part of the’ Country and we have been coming for at least 30 years.
I am aware from some of your posts so far that you shoot. Do you fish at all?
I would love to hear what the fishing is like in your “neck of the woods”


Hi Malc

I have read all 3 of your posts it’s so nice to read of how you and your other half live and enjoy each other and also give each other that space to enjoy those things gs the other don’t like to do, I have been married 20 wonderful years and we too do things apart, but not like you many be night away or something like that but that is great for us and it truly works as I think we reaspet and enjoy that each others company that little more. Enjoy your break . It’s nice to
Bit more, and it’s truly nice to ready your posts
Regards Raz

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Hi Raz
Its been a while since we communicated. I was just off to bed when I received your post
Thank you for reading my tales, im pleased you enjoyed them,
It’s nice to hear from you again


Hi Mel

Yes it has been some time since I have been on here, but not much has happened with me still waiting for appointments and still looking for answers but I am glad that they have not stopped my medication inbetween all this time. I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the good weather change, keep in touch and speak soon

For trout you have to go to the mountains. The mountains are 550 miles from my home.

Yes I used to fish. We have large brown trout in Grand Lake, Colorado. Quick story. Nobody was catching anything at the large lake feed by mountain streams.
So with field glasses on the other side of the lake I watched pelican’s(migratory here) catching fish where a stream entered the lake.

So I told my wife and daughter, and also a friend of my daughter that went with us on a vacation(Friend 13 her Dad passed away earlier that year). So I thought it would be nice to take her. We are going to the other side.

I had an offroad vehicle and it was needed to get to the spot. Well when we got to the spot my wife got out a chair to read a book close to the four door truck. The girls and I went to the lake to fish. We were having a great time catching fish. The area where we were at had allot of brush along the shore. Not so much brush that you could not see well. As we fished a bull moose start to browse on the tender brush. I kept a eye on him. The bull moose kept getting closer and was watching us as well. The moose just got to close for comfort. I told the girls to put down their fishing rods and head to the truck slowly. Just then the moose grunted and his hair on his back bristled. I new then (not good)! I told the girls to run to the truck. I bent over an picked up a rock close by. With all my might I threw it bouncing it off the moose he stopped. (pre Parkies) I then ran like a sprinter in a race. Behind me I could hear hoves hitting the ground and brush breaking. My wife was just in front of me and the girls were already in the truck. The doors were open. My wife was to slow for my liking getting into truck. I remember pushing her behind into the truck and diving in. Then just after slamming the door closed turned and looked out the window. There was the moose a meter away looking at us. Thank God he didn’t ram my truck. He just trotted off.

Fishing was FINISHED for the day. At family get togethers the story is brought up often. The moose that was fishing with us. Tom - America is a Large place and we have many places to escape the city. I feel bad that the government we have now cares more about money. They are changing the laws to explore, mine, pump oil and cut down the forests of our national parks. I hope my grand children will still have a place to fish and see a moose. Even though I don’t have the balance anymore to walk a bumpy trail. We need places like the Dales, untouched mountains and clean places that people can visit. Some things in life replace pills that make us feel so good inside. Tom

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Not all of the dales are in Yorkshire,what about the Derbyshire dales.

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Think that was a wee bit uncalled for

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Please forgive my ignorance but I was referring to the Dales that form “The Yorkshire Dales National Park” and not any Dales in Derbyshire the form part of " The Peak District National Park".


Hi Tom,
What a cracking story, I can picture it all unfolding as you tell the tale.
It is a great shame you no longer fish however being unsteady on our feet and losing balance is another thing we share and I understand.
My trips are restricted to when my youngest Son(48) can take me
Fly fishing for Trout and Salmon has been a passion of mine for many years and has helped to form a special bond with him. I will never forget the feeling of watching him catch his first Salmon on the fly.
Tom, you might be interested in some fishing tales from a thread I started before you joined the Forum If so just follow the following link Any flyfishers out there


Hi all

Well I have never tried fly fishing but othen seen people
Doing it, I would love to give it a go but un sure on what I need and what to do, you see my grandad used to Have a fishing business but not here but in Africa and importing them into the country and straight in to our shop. All I have tried is the Fishing out of a river with a net and at a sea side, but god they This where small, oh sorry when I went to Spain I had no net so
I got a Carrier bag from the local shop and went in to the sea where my kids where playing I held the bag inthe water and I caught a few fish, the kids loved watching the. Yes we let them go back to
The sea. So you see no real fisherman in me but I would like to have a go a fly fishing too, I know to those who fish they any laugh at what I have written but this in away can show I do really want to Learn to fish, maybe the right way
:blush: Raz

Really didn’t want to offend anyone. I live in America. I only know Parkinson’s is the one thing we can say we are living in the same world.
Parkinson’s can be a very lonely place that isolates a person. For me fighting the non-motor part of the disease is to open the door to learn about how others cope. Not only hearing the bad. But to know others continue to live life with the disease. When you hear about going fishing, riding bikes, playing music,hiking , seeing things and doing things from and at other lands motivates a person. Without examples of others moving makes it easy to just give up. Tom

Hi Tom,
It’s very important that you know and understand, you have NOT offended anyone.
Just to clarify, the remarks made by the moderator above, were specifically related to a remark made in the post that followed yours and was nothing to do with anything you had said.
I trust that puts your mind at ease.
I think it’s great to hear about other peoples lifestyles and opinions from abroad, not only on the subject of Parkinsons but life in general. Having read most of your contributions to the forum todate I believe they have been constructive and well received.
Best wishes from a very windy UK.

Hi Raz,
If you are really serious about learning how to cast a fly, this is my advice (specifically to you) contact a local Trout Fish Farm or Fishery, most give lessons in a safe environment. They provide any equipment you need and supervision required and afterwards, you will get an opportunity to fish one of their Lakes.
It would be a good idea to tell the instructor about your PD as you may have some difficulty with balance and dexterity
Have an enjoyable day and “Tight Lines”

Hi Mal

Yes I will do that but that will have to wait, me and my daughter both have had this cold like bug and it’s been over a week and no signs of it going anywhere , I took my daughter to the doctors as she had asthma And keeps get very bad nose bleeds. But they said more us of inhaler and lots of drinks. So let’s see how long this take now. I hope you all have a great day Raz


Apology accepted