Holiday Home Sounds Better update

Draindown nightmare at my holiday retreat in the Dales
I may have told you before, its a caravan really albeit a static
I dont understand why nowadays everything is so problematic
Not a difficult job but it didnt start well and went off the rails

It had been raining heavy so I decided to park the car
On the road and use the path and not the grass
I turned on the water and then the gas
All sound no problems so far

Returning to the car it was a little short of the path to unload
Its half a metre, a quick push, jump in, dont need the key
I have no idea what i was thinking but jump and quick? not me
Mr P and 2 new knees mean opposites are my default mode

Hand break off and the door wide open the car starts to move
I now have one foot in the car the other one still on the road
taking my weight unable to react, the lack of planning showed
My standing leg gave way I was in trouble this would prove

Being dragged down the gritty road hanging on to the car door
My weight on the outside my knee being torn and shredded
collecting dirt and gravel I knew where this was all headed
I had to let go I could do no more

Having dropped to the floor I thought I was free
The car however had not quite finished with me
Flat out face down on the road my new knee covered in grime
Before I knew it the back wheel ran over my legs one at a time

I looked up in disbelief at what just occurred
Watching the car veer off the road no kerbs and gathering pace
Missing next doors caravan by inches it was in a race
On to the next caravan must be the end now im getting scared

Crash ! it hit the corner post of their veranda and came to a halt
After a while I managed to stand no bones broken just my pride
The bumper had taken the impact and my joy I could not hide
The veranda was fine too. it`s all down to me it was all my fault

They say alls well that ends well
I dont know about that but my Son joined me the next day
To help and crawl under the van where the drain cocks stay
Job done no bother on events the previous day I will not dwell

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