Holiday home sounds better

I have come to our holiday home in the Dales
with the intention of staying the rest of the week
It’s a static caravan really but holiday home sounds better
the weather has improved and is no longer bleak

Sometimes we come together then sometimes alone
to be able to give my wife a break from me is important
and it’s not too far from home
at the end of the day if needs be I always have my phone

I consider myself fortunate that my condition is not severe
enough as to warrant constant care
To come to North Yorkshire is a blessing its a beautiful part of the world
so whilst I can I will coninue to come here

We overlook the river Ure valley It’s very picturesque I know
I wish I was more tech savvy I would send you all a photo
It’s a lovely morning here the sun is shining
spring must have sprung that’s four days in a row

Now its time I sent my wife a good morning message
and to say I’m OK with the customary love and kisses
so I will say cheerio to you for now and wish you all a good day
and my very best wishes

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You’re getting good at this!

Hi H, thanks for the encouragng words.:man_student: